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Jewish state's policies of Gentile subjugation and eradication are a manifestation of Jewish law, which encourages collective punishment of enemies

The Top Five Ways Jewish Law Justifies Killing Civilians; #2: Collective Punishment is Kosher (I)

( -- by Danios --

...As I documented in the previous article, the first way in which Jewish law justifies the targeting and killing of civilians is by classifying civilians as combatants if they indirectly take part in the war effort–even if by “mere words.”

But what about civilians who neither directly or indirectly participate in the war effort? Surely they will be protected, right?

Not so.

Jewish law permits targeting civilians who “passively” support the war effort. A “hostile civilian population” is guilty of “passive” support if they fail to root out the combatants/terrorists living in their midst. If the city’s population does not do this, then they are all liable to be killed–including women, children, and babies.

In War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition, the highly esteemed rabbi and professor Michael J. Broyde finds support for collective punishment in the Bible: on page 6, he cites the story of the Rape of Dina. Dina is raped by a man named Shekhem, and the entire city of Shekhem is put to the sword for this crime. (The rapist, Shekhem, has the same name as the city he lives in.) Broyde quotes Maimonides as saying that “the inhabitants of Shekhem [the city] were liable to be killed since Shekhem [the person] stole [Dina], and the inhabitants saw and knew this and did nothing...

Broyde permits the “collective punishment of vast segments of society for the active misconduct of the few.” In other words, civilian populations are “liable to be killed” if terrorists commit “active misconduct” and they ["the inhabitants"] “saw and knew this but did nothing.” If the civilian population does “not condemn them [the terrorists],” then they [the civilians] can be killed.

Rabbi Broyde invokes the views of two of the most authoritative rabbinical authorities in Jewish history, Maimonides and Nahmanides. Broyde notes: “Both share the basic approach of permitting collective punishment.” He writes on p.6: “Maimonides rules that…all members of society may be punished,” and on p.7 that Nahmanides would “permit regulations that include collective punishment.”

This view, justifying collective punishment, is promoted within the first few pages of the book War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition...

As I discussed earlier, Rabbi Shaul Israeli’s “thoughtful article” is hearkened as “the starting point” for discussion of “war-related topics” in the Jewish religion; in it, R. Israeli uses a complex religio-legal argument to justify collective punishment. He invokes the Jewish law of din rodef–the law of the pursuer–which basically says that if a person is chasing you trying to kill you, you can kill him first. It stands to reason, therefore, that a bystander could also kill the rodef (pursuer) as well, in order to save your life. In fact, it may even be considered obligatory to do so. This religious law is used to justify killing civilians by transforming entire civilian populations into rodefim [pursuers].

In The Treatment of Hostile Civilian Populations: The Contemporary Halakhic Discussion in Israel, Prof. Ya’acov Blidstein notes the trend in halakhic circles to use “the definition of a hostile population as a rodef [pursuer], direct or indirect.” Blidstein notes:

"There is also a tendency in contemporary halakhah to categorize as rodef a population that is “supportive and encouraging” of hostile, murderous actions."

Once dutifully transformed into rodef, the entire civilian population becomes licit, or even mandatory, to kill. This justification was given for the Qibya Massacre, in which 69 Palestinians were slaughtered (of which two-thirds were women and children)...

Instead of protecting civilians from the killers, Jewish law seeks to protect the killers of civilians (by shielding them from prosecution). Prof. Ya’acov Blidstein entitles one sub-section of his article as “Protection of the Aggressor,” in which he discusses this disturbing issue. Once the civilian population has been deemed rodefem, Jewish soldiers may kill them and are to be protected from all prosecution for doing so. This is because the rodef–in this case the civilian population–is legally considered a “dead man” and their “blood is like water.” Therefore, lethal force may be used, even when less than that may have sufficed...

As can be garnered from Broyde’s own words, R. Yoezer Ariel agrees with his brother R. Ya’akov Ariel in principle, permitting targeting and killing innocent civilians (including children and even babies). He does, however, limit this right to the government (the Israeli state), not to individuals (such as Israeli settlers). This is the most popular view among Religious Zionists: the Israeli state is allowed to impose collective punishment, targeting and killing “hostile civilian populations.”

Should we call these views representative of The Halakha (Jewish law), just as Zionist Islamophobes insist on categorizing one particular interpretation of Islamic law as The Sharia? Should we smear all of Judaism because of such views, just as Zionist Islamophobes would smear all of Islam for the views of Radical and Ultra-Conservative Muslims?...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

It's obvious that Jewry plays by a different set of rules than Greco-Christian Westerners, has an alien and hostile moral and ethical system, and pursues and codifies a tribal supremacist agenda both in the physical nation of Israel and in the virtual nation of the Diaspora.

Why should a hostile, murderous, alien nation that is conspiring against Western morals, ethics and interests in favor of the imposition of its own system be tolerated in our very midst, let alone granted so much respect and moral authority over Americans, as Jewry has been granted by its Gentile collaborators and useful idiots?

This powerful, hostile elite at the very heart of so many of our corrupted and decaying institutions explains so much American economic, social, political, and spiritual turmoil and decline.

Since organized Jewry has its own physical state now in the Levant, there's no longer any need whatsoever to tolerate this hostile Judeofascist presence in the West.


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Hello Chris;

After reading some of your ideas, especially the concept of Judeo-Fascism, a term that I have not heard of previously, I wondered what sort of individual would be able to reconcile the myriads of Jew works into one all encompassing heading, Judeo-Fascism.

Being a retired law enforcement officer, I have a hobby of reading things that are written, and analyzing the author. I worked 11 years in Law Enforcement Profiling.

I like to read an article or two, or as in your case many, and then see if I can match an 'image' to my mental profile.

It's sort of my 'cross word puzzles'. Any way, based on my idea of Chris Moore, I think I discovered your probable exact likeness.

Have a look.

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About the level of mauturity one would expect from an emotionally and morally stunted Zionist.