Monday, October 03, 2011

"What exactly is your plan to stop the Jew World Order?”

I was recently venting on Real Zionist News, the popular web site of courageous anti-Zionist, Christian warrior Brother Nathanael Kapner, about how anti-Zionism isn't going anywhere politically, and that "it’s well past time to stop simply “bitching” about Jewry and start working on a UNIFIED, COHERENT plan about how this totalitarian Judeofascist menace can be stopped, and the IDENTITY around which we are going to UNITE to stop it."

Brother Nathanael then put the question to me: "What exactly is your plan to stop the Jew World Order?”

This is what I came up with for a response. I welcome and reader feedback emailed or in comments, as well.
-- Chris Moore, editor

I don’t have a sold plan. I think we need to start working on one, though. Let me try to identify a basis.

We know that starting with the 1917 Russian coup, revolutionary Jewish Bolsheviks, Leninists and Stalinists systemically murdered first the White Guard resistance, then the Christian elites, then millions of average Christians, dissidents, and just plain peasants out of sheer greed, racist vengeance and totalitarian ambition. This went on until Stalin felt threatened and eventually turned on Jewry around 1937, and it started fleeing West to join its brethren working on a totalitarian agenda here, and in Israel.

We know that Jewry has since systematically ratcheted control of factions of the U.S. government, both major parties, mainstream media, major corporations, Hollywood, and international banking tighter and tighter, decade after decade, to put us all in a political straight jacket and cut off or co-opt avenues of resistance and alternative political movements.

We know that the Democratic Party and the neocon wing of the GOP (which includes the Judeo-Christian Zionists and nearly the entire party excepting Ron Paul and the paleocons as epitomized by Pat Buchanan) are controlled by Jewry, and dance on its strings; additionally, we know the Marxist left is essentially a Jewish mechanism, and that communists and socialists are no help whatsoever because they are anti-Christian, statist-authoritarian, and their current ideology is a manifestation of totalitarian doctrine via “rabbi” Marx and Fabianism. Additionally, the Communist Party USA recently endorsed Obama for re-election, which was essentially an endorsement of Zionism.

We know Zionists and neocon fascists were behind 9/11, and then used it as a pretext to lie us into wars against Muslims countries and Islamic civilization, which is an ongoing agenda (as is their subversive war against Western civilization).

Where does all of this leave us? In the short term, I think we need to support Ron Paul, as he knows what’s going on, but is captive of the Zionist two-party regime, (over the years he tried to go outside of the two-party regime via the Libertarians, but wasn’t able to get anywhere, so he had to get back in the tent and play by most, but not all, of the two-party regime’s rules).

But what we need to do simultaneously is build bridges with those who can see the writing on the wall, and realize Jewry will eventually make a move to eradicate them the way they eradicated large segments of the populations under communist control.

This means an international coalition welcoming representatives of ALL sects of Christianity (but only explicitly anti-Zionist Christians, of course, who refuse to sell their souls as the Judeo-Christian Zionists have); anti-Zionist White nationalists and White advocates; anti-Zionist Muslims (not totalitarian Islamists, but rather moderates who dwell in the West (many as a consequence of the war on Islam and the millions of refugees it has created) who are also in the cross hairs; classical anti-statist liberals who are increasingly wise to authoritarian statism and its de-humanising and anti-humanist, anti-localism agenda; and finally, the traditional, America-first, conservative-nationalist, paleocon-libertarian wing of the GOP, e.g. Buchanan-Paul.

What advantage could such a rag-tag coalition possibly have? The truth! We would break this wall of silence surrounding Jewry and its fascist, anti-Christian and anti-White totalitarian agenda.

This means going into its Communist history, this means documenting and protesting its authoritarian control of Western institutions, this means breaking the wall of silence around its role in 9/11 and lying us into wars, this means disclosing its true goals of hegemony and subjugation, this means going for the throats of its corrupt, evil, goy collaborators on both Right and Left…

Because no one else has the guts to tell the truth, this is the edge we would need, and with enough of us loudly proclaiming the truth, and as the scales fall from the eyes of average Americans, the Marxists, leftists, Fabian liberal fascists, neolibs, neocons and Judeo-Christian Zionists will fall like dominoes because they are irrevocably tied at the waist to the Judeo-fascist Zionists and their evil, totalitarian, Pharisaic agenda.

I welcome input, feedback and critique of both this general sketch and its reasoning. -- CM


An0n1 said...

Telling the truth about Jewish power is important. Taking the media megaphone away from them is probably the key - but that's a long way away.

Anonymous said...

Control of the mainstream media, particularly the news media, is the key. As long as the Zionists control the American media, they can continue to make any criticism of Zionism or Israel appear forbidden and distasteful. The Internet provides a possible counter to television, radio, and newspapers, and the Jews do not yet quite control it all. It is important that criticism of Zionists and Jewish issues not be seen as off-limits. People must be desensitized to the open discussion of Zionist crimes so that they will not hesitate themselves to talk or write about these matters.