Wednesday, November 02, 2011

As Israeli warmongering against Iran heats up, expect constant airplay of Zionism's greatest hit: "The World Hates The Jews For No Reason At All"

(By Chris Moore) -- There have been at least 109 expulsions of organized Jewry from places all over the world since 250 A.D. But none of that is the fault of the Jews themselves, says Zionist Jewry.

In just the last ten years, there is all manner of evidence that Zionist Jewry played a crucial role in fomenting or instigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks, fabricating the "evidence" to lie America into Mideast wars, and through its grip on mainstream media, provided the ongoing propaganda and "national security" rationales necessary to keep American troops tied to the Middle East in pursuit of what amounts to an Israel-first agenda that simultaneously serves profiteering U.S. Zionist domestic interests.

Because the Europeans are far more experienced in dealing with organized Jewish predations and have a much longer history and collective memory than Americans, and because their media and political institutions aren't under the grip of Zionist domination to the extent that American media and politicians are, many Europeans are able to see the threat Zionist Jewry poses to the world that large factions of the American people cannot see, aren't allowed to see, or refuse to see.

This naturally upsets much of organized Zionist Jewry, which would prefer that the rest of the world ignore Zionist gangsterism to the extent that Americans do, and even underwrite Zionist aggression to the extent that the U.S. government does.

Back in 2003, when a European Commission poll found that over half of Europeans thought that Israel posed the "biggest threat to world peace," it's no surprise that the Simon Wiesenthal Center responded by declaring Europe to be anti-Semitic.

With Israel again warmongering against Iran, the Wiesenthal Center's response is worth reviewing again in anticipation of how Zionists are likely to respond to the next wave of rightful accusations that Israel and world Zionism are the primary threat to world peace.

How long will the world put up with these kinds of organized Jewish tropes that criticizing Israeli and world Zionism's insatiable racketeering, greed and self-serving warmongering amounts to racist anti-Semitism?

It's increasingly clear that, for Europeans at least, organized Jewry's post-Holocaust scam of using the anti-Semitism accusation to fend off legitimate criticism of Zionist warmongering and profiteering, and to justify Israeli land theft, ethnic cleansing, and constant aggression, has been milked to the bone.

Indeed, with the overblown Holocaust(TM) being but one of at least 109 historical pogroms Jewry's incredibly obnoxious and incompetent leadership has under its belt, its amazing that international Jewry was able to get away with the "anti-Semitism" accusation racket for as long as it has.

So without further adieu, here again, courtesy of the Jewish Federation, is the Simon Wiesenthal Center with Zionist Jewry's all time greatest hit: "The World Hates The Jews For No Reason At All":

Results of a new poll commissioned by the European Commission show that Israel is believed by Europeans in 15 countries to be the greatest threat to world peace, greater than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan.

While the European Commission will release the full results of the poll on Monday, the International Herald Tribune reported that the 7,500 people polled living in the European Union (500 in each of the 15 E.U. member states) were presented with a list of 15 countries and asked if these countries present a threat to world peace. Shockingly, Israel was rated first.

This poll is an indication that Europeans have bought into the vilification and demonization campaign directed against the State of Israel and her supporters by European leaders and media.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is voicing its outrage directly to European Commission President Romano Prodi and asks you to do the same.

"These shocking results, that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace, bigger than North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan, defies logic and is a racist flight of fancy that only shows that anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within European society, more now than in any other period since the end of World War II," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center's dean and founder.

"If the results of this survey are as reported, then Israel should draw the only conclusion possible: that the European Union and its members should play no role in any future Middle East peace process," Hier concluded.

Center officials are scheduled to meet with Javier Solana, Secretary General of the European Union, in November to discuss this and related issues.
[crickets chirping]

...Hey, where did all of the applause go?

It looks as if the same old Zionist song and dance has finally lost its luster...

Oh well, the pay may be incredible, but it can be a tough racket, being a warmongering Zionist swindler.


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Patricia MacAllister interview:

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Zionist controlled mainstream media's sage-like guru, the brilliant, all knowing Jewish supremacist Ben Stein, recently had the following to say about the OWS protesters: "doobie-smoking bums...They’re a bunch of bums, as far as i’m concerned...sleeping in their tents and banging drums."
In other words it's the ordinary Americans, like the OWS protesters, who were disenfranchised by the insatiably greedy Zionist corporatists and the Zionist banking syndicate, who are the really dispacable bad guys. This Jewish Supremacist Ben Stein is a total fraud. A Zionist misinformation agent
that the Zionist controlled media has been selling to the public as a brilliant Jewish guru, who has ALL the answers to ALL the lowly goyims' problems…a brilliant Jew that all the goyim should listen to.
LINK: Ben Stein Calls Occupy Protesters ‘Bums’, Says ‘Lighting A Doobie Doesn’t Advance Your Cause’