Saturday, November 19, 2011

Casual fascist chic: Gazing at his gold Rolex watch, Israel defense minister nonchalantly orders strikes on Gaza during tête-à-tête with Charlie Rose

Barak orders strike on Gaza during ‘Charlie Rose’– and checks what looks like a Rolex

(Mondoweiss) -- by Scott Roth and Phil Weiss --

Check out the video of Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Charlie Rose Tuesday night. At 20:00 or so, he says that he has ordered a missile attack on Gaza because of an attack on Israel:

"Today a few hours ago, there was some Hamas... probably a crazy guy, he's a Hamas guy... he shot at Israel [perhaps this attack] and we now, probably when we are talking, I ordered some attacks on some installations of Hamas."

As he mentions his orders, Barak checks his watch. It looks like a steel and gold Rolex. Countless human rights reports have suggested that Barak is a war criminal for leading the attack on Gaza in 2008-2009. Isn't this an unseemly performance for American television?

And considering how many times in the past the IDF's operations against *terrorist* infrastructure have resulted in civilian casualties (like the injuries to the French consul and his family in Gaza last Sunday), maybe Barak should have postponed his appearance on Rose to monitor those attacks. Or not. Perhaps his nonchalance about mentioning them extends to his feelings about their consequences...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Amazing how these Judeofascist sociopaths can so smugly and dismissively exterminate Gentiles, while their airhead, goy useful idiots like Charlie Rose look on in envy and admiration like awe struck school girls.

Kind of like Jewish retailer master minds hyping the latest over-priced, fashionable trash to the eager sheep, they've managed to make fascism seem so hip, so chic.

I wonder what these blinking goy sheep will be thinking when their turn at slaughter comes. "Oh, isn't this so cool, being shorn by a Jew! Love it!"

Little do these pathetic, imbecile, prescription-drugged dupes know, the shearing is just stage one.

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