Sunday, November 27, 2011

Classic Diaspora Judeofascist, Joe Lieberman uses sneaky, lawyer-like tactics to subversively worm his un-American, authoritarian will into place

Joe Lieberman Wants “Terrorist” Label on Blogs

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Senator Joe Lieberman (Fascist-CT) has a penchant for writing letters to large tech companies when he has a personal issue and wants his authoritarian views reflected in the companies’ policies. Back when Wikileaks released hundreds of thousands of State Department cables, Lieberman contacted Amazon and had them remove Wikileaks from their S3 servers. More recently, on November 22nd, Lieberman sent a letter to Google asking them to place a “terrorist content” label on, which Google owns.

In a letter obtained by, Lieberman also reveals that he sent Google a previous letter in 2008 asking for a policy change in YouTube’s content guidelines,
In September 2008, in response to a previous request that YouTube not allow terrorist content on its servers, Google changed its YouTube Community Guidelines to expressly ban terrorist content.
Based on his ability to coerce privately owned tech companies with simple letters, questions should be raised regarding what other requests Lieberman has sent.

Lieberman also specifies a group of terrorists rather than just simply advocating a ban on terrorist content,
The private sector plays an important role in protecting our homeland from the preeminent threat of violent Islamic extremism, and Google’s inconsistent standards are adversely affecting our ability to counter violent Islamist extremism online.
...Joe Lieberman is more of a threat to the freedoms and civil liberties of Americans than Al-Qaeda or any other Islamic terrorist group will ever be. Thankfully, he’s retiring from the US Senate at the end of 2012...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Just like his Israeli cousins, Lieberman is trying to label dissent "terrorism." He's doing this to chip away at American freedoms and constitutional rights.

Just like his Jewish Bolshevik ancestors, Joe Lieberman hates freedom of speech, thought, and political ideology because he fears it leads to "anti-Semitism," which just like "terrorism," has become a pretext to suppress individual and national sovereignty.

Judaism is a very patriarchal, hierarchical, authoritarian religion filled with hatred and violence towards non-Jews, which is why it produces so many Judeofascists like Joe Lieberman. The behavior of these Judeofascists inevitably produce anti-Jewishness, hence the Judeofascists require authoritarian government to crack down on resistance, preserve their moral authority, and protect their fascists racket.

Joe Lieberman is just serving his god, Yahweh, his ethno-religious ideology of Judaism, Yahweh's "chosen" tribe, and his tribe’s racket . Is that so wrong?

In a word, "Yes."

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