Saturday, November 12, 2011

Does the commandment written into founder Mayer Rothschild’s will requiring marriage to cousins for all dynasty heirs help explain Zionist insanity?

(By Chris Moore) -- Here is an article from The U.K. Independent via on the Rothschild family history.

One passage in particular caught my eye:
"Many of the distinct characteristics of the family can be traced back to the will of the founder Mayer Rothschild. It stipulated that no public inventory should be made of his estate; that key positions in the House of Rothschild were to be held by family members; that the eldest son should inherit unless the rest agreed otherwise; that the family was to intermarry with first and second cousins to keep the fortune together; that anyone disputing these terms would be struck from the will. And that all this should apply in perpetuity."
Inbreeding is a big problem for many primitive tribal peoples the world over, and in the West, for those with royalist pretensions.

The English elites who regard themselves of royalist caste, for example, are utterly inbred and self-absorbed, just like so much of elite Zionist Jewry.

These types often gravitate towards tribal fascism, because they are group narcissists utterly in love with their own inflated self-image, and hence regard themselves as entitled. So when the world doesn’t conform to their collective megalomania, they turn aggressive, sometimes openly, and in the case of elite Diaspora Zionist Jewry, passively, which is perhaps even more dangerous, and partly what is behind their relentless ear-whispering warmongering.

This is historically what has gone on with elite Diaspora Zionist Jewry. This is historically what has gone on with Royalist Anglo-fascists. And this is what is going on with the elite Zionist/Anglo-fascist/liberal fascist partnership and its relentless war agenda today, which is being utilized to distract the mass populace from the cabal's insatiable greed, self-serving machiavellianism, and relentless theft from the larger society.

It’s no accident that the “chosen” Diaspora Zionists and those Anglo-fascists and liberal fascists elites who regard themselves as superior caste and of entitled heritage have ended up in bed together in the U.S.

The more populist and libertarian American founders kicked ass on these types ages ago, but they grew back like English ivy and took over the country for their own elitist, self-serving purposes, so it looks like the money-worshipping Zionist/Anglo-fascist/liberal fascist partnership is again due for a lesson in proper behavior from the Western civilization geist.

As fast as America and the West are crumbling as a consequence of their insatiable warmongering, greed and subversion, they're soon likely to get it.

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Anonymous said...

Inbreeding is a big problem for many primitive tribal peoples the world over

Actually it is not. Most 'primitive tribal peoples' as you put it, have laws against not marrying within your own clan. People identify with their totems (eagle, lyon, bear, etc.) and can only marry people with another totem.

And you find this from the North American plains to the Bantu expansion.

It is only when they are forced to the brink of extinction by having their land confiscated and being annihilated or having their land designated a penal colony for the British Empire (like the Andamans) that problems with inbreeding occur.

If it hadn't, they wouldn't have survived for thousands or tens of thousands of years.