Friday, November 11, 2011

Gilad Atzmon confronts Anglo-fascist Zionist sheep baaing outside his book promotion with boycott signs

Gilad Atzmon facing picketers in Exeter University

( -- by Talifilms --


Anonymous said...

You can hear that one belligerent Sephardic Jewess say near the end of the video clip, while Gilad Atzmon's back is turned,'You're a cowardly anti-Semite'.

It appears that those picketers (Zionist useful idiots) are so thoroughly mind fucked by the Zionist's propaganda nexus of news media, entertainment media and educational indoctrination that it's nearly impossible to get thru to them or to reason with them.
Gilad Atzmon made a hearted attempt to engage these picketers in a reasonable and intelligent manner, and was still heckled and called a 'cowardly anti-Semite' while his back was turned , no less.

And notice that just about all of the useful idiot picketers are Gentile females (just look at how they cower and shrink when Gilad Atzmon turns his attention to them).

The fascist Zionist supremacist creeps who organized this Gilad Atzmon protest are absolutely shameless and fiendish. They have no scruples using the youngest , weakest , and most vulnerable of Gentiles to do their dirty work.

Chris Moore said...

Great observations.

The problem with so many of these Royalist-indoctrinated Anglo-fascist elites is that they’re money-hungry inbreds, just like Zionist Jewry. That makes them the perfect Jewish partners/dupes.

Jewry dangles a few shekels in front of their inbred fish-eyes and they melt like infatuated school girls.

That manly Jewess who hissed “anti-Semite” at Atzmon after he’d turned his back likely led those school girls (and the effete males) around by the nose and lined them up like some Jewish showbiz stage production, directing them the entire way.

It’s no accident that the English founders of America ended up bitch-slapping the Royalists, who even then were well on their way to being Jew-whipped sissies.

I suspect a lot of the pretentious, Jew-whipped Gentile Zionists in America today are of Anglo-Royalist pretension, offspring of those who stole their way into the country after the more hearty English settled the place.

It's all boiling down to a bunch of money-worshipping, squirmy-brained inbreds vs. the rest of humanity.

Is there any doubt who's going to come out on top?