Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jewish columnist says Obama-Sarkozy “gaffe” about “liar” Netanyahu is going to put U.S. Diaspora Jewish nationalists fully in neocon camp

Obama at tipping point?

(Jewish News of Greater Pheonix) -- by ELAINE FOGEL --

What a disappointing turn of events for American Jews. Our own president, Barack Obama, was overheard comiserating with French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, at the recent G20 summit, about Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When Sarkozy complained that Netanyahu was "a liar," Obama replied, "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day" ("Sarkozy calls Bibi 'a liar' in private talk with Obama," Jewish News, Nov. 11).

What began as a tête-a-tête conversation in a private room, with Obama rebuking Sarkozy for not warning him that France would vote to admit the Palestinians into UNESCO, turned into a discussion about Israel and Netanyahu. Neither leader was aware that their microphones were still live and that a handful of French journalists could overhear them on headsets.

The French media kept the news quiet for several days to avoid embarrassing their president, but eventually, the complete exchange was published in the Israeli press. Global media then reported on it.

What significance does this turn of events have for American Jews?

For Republican Jews, this will serve as political fodder to discredit the president on U.S.-Israel relations. I can just hear the multiple echoes of "I told you so" emanating from the right.

For Democratic Jews, who have been supportive of the president and his agenda, this faux pas will certainly cause some to rethink their allegiances.

And, for independent Jewish voters, one can only guess, but for those with strong ties or commitment to Israel, the Obama gaffe may be a tipping point from which there is no return...MORE...LINK

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