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Just like organized Jewry, Judeo-Christian Zionist cultists conflate religion, politics into perverse, militant, religo-political ideology


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

The first act of Christian cults is to distort the Bible’s original, clear teaching in favor of more recent “revelations” or interpretations. Cults may emphasize the few verses in Scripture that seem to support their beliefs but ignore a host which don’t. This is like taking scissors to huge sections of the Bible. Jesus says anyone who removes even a line of His Revelation will have their name erased from His book of life (Rev. 22:19).

This behavior precisely describes Christian “Israel-first” Zionism.

Ignoring Evangelism

Evangelism is the central emphasis of the New Testament. The Book of Acts opens with the Christian’s duty to proclaim the good news of salvation first to Jews in Israel and then to the whole world. Yet Christian Zionism is not concerned with evangelism to Jews. The foremost Christian Zionist leader today, Pastor John Hagee, forbids evangelism of Jews or even mention of the name of Jesus in his huge “pro-Israel” rallies. (See Hagee: Unrepentant Heretic) Christian Zionism is primarily devoted to upholding the right of a nation of Christ-rejecting Jews to occupy Palestine. It is primarily a political, not evangelistic, movement...

By forbidding criticism of Israel under threat of divine curse, Christian Zionism collides with the fact that God encouraged His biblical prophets and saints to warn wicked Jews away from their sins. He did so without any hint that such was anti-Semitic. On the contrary, God looked for and was proud of anyone who under His leading and out of love would rebuke wicked Jews. If God is unchanging, He also encourages and blesses those who rebuke evil Jewish leaders today. Don’t you think God wants Christians, as in the time of Jeremiah, to rebuke Jewish supremacist groups, like the Anti-Defamation League, who persecute Christians under hate laws and encourage sodomy and removing Christian symbols from America? God is grieved that not one national evangelical leader has the courage to publicly identify ADL as a threat to America but cowers before it, fearing the dreaded, potentially ruinous epithet "anti-Semitic!"

What precedent exists in Scripture to hold up 17 million non-Christian Jews today as beyond criticism? Scripture contains no example of exalting even one righteous Jew or Gentile beyond reproof! Christian Zionism thus not only flagrantly omits Scripture it doesn’t like; it creates a false obligation to bless the wicked just because they are Jewish. This is a perverse, even racist, violation of the commandment in the book of James not to show favoritism to persons. This is a spiritual perversion. God hates it.

Bringing Biblical Reason to Evangelicals

Many secular critics of Israel and Talmudic Judaism say Jews are mostly evil and corruptive and therefore cannot possibly be God's chosen people. Yet such falls on deaf Christian Zionist ears.

Most Christian Zionists agree that Israel is in spiritual darkness, even apostasy, en route to ultimate enlightenment through Christ. But no amount of Jewish evil can shatter their loyalty. Such includes creation of Communism (See Jewish Activists Created Communism), media control (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish), promotion of homosexuality, or injustices in the Mideast. Christian Zionists feel obligated to protect even the vilest supremacist Jews from investigation, criticism, or exposure—shielding them from any “anti-Semitism” that could possibly result in killing of Jews or even destruction of modern Israel, which they believe would frustrate God's plan of the ages and delay Christ’s return. Such unbiblical fanaticism helps explain why literally no magnitude of evil coming from Judaism can disenchant most evangelicals.

Christian Anti-Zionists have a better argument than do secular anti-Zionists as they attempt to bring reason to evangelicals.

The New Testament describes Christ-rejecting Jews as dry, withered, castaway branches, devoid of special covenant protection. Jesus affirmed such withered branches, both Jew and Gentile, are "burned" by God (John 15:5-6). He said those who say they are Jews but reject Him are not true Jews at all (Rev. 3:9). Paul says such "children of the flesh" are not the seed of Abraham (Rom. 9:6-8) but are "broken off" (Rom. 11:19).

Sadly, Israel-first evangelicals are so habituated to ignoring Scripture that even the clearest Bible passages will usually not alter their protectionism.

Cults do not produce fruits of wisdom, love, righteousness and justice but lead their followers into service of evil. By encouraging evangelicals to give first loyalty to Israel rather than Christ and the whole Bible, including evangelism to Jews, Christian Zionism makes Christians the servants of wicked men. Taught to bless Israel no matter what, Christians become callous and depraved toward the Arabs, whom God loves as much as Jews. Like Saul of Tarsus, who held the cloaks of those who stoned righteous Stephen, the pro-Zionist church bids Godspeed to evil men and becomes "a partaker of their evil deeds” (II John 11)...MORE...LINK

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