Sunday, November 13, 2011

What larger implications can be drawn from Jewry's domination of U.S. mainstream media, a fact that is now incontrovertible?

Introduction by Chris Moore:

It's clear from the following video that Jewry largely controls U.S. mainstream media. The facts the narrator lists speak for themselves.

It's also clear that they use that control to advance the Zionist (Jewish supremacist) agenda internationally, both financially and in terms of instigating wars that benefit Israel and the Jewish dominated economic regime.

But I'm more interested in the question of how and why they have control of the media.

Are Jews racially or intellectually superior to Americans? Do they have a better work ethic? Or are they the beneficiaries of an organized Jewish racket?

The Fed and Wall Street banks largely control American and even international purse strings, and they too are dominated by Jewry. Does that play a role in Jewish "achievement"?

And beyond that, is Jewry the beneficiary of strains of Gentile Jewish supremacism, i.e. Judeo-Christian Zionism and Judeophile liberalism? There seems to be a Jewish supremacist Gentile element of ideologues that is hell bent on surrendering American sovereignty to international Jewry and its agenda, for eschatological purposes in the case of the former, and historical dialectic purposes in the cases of the latter.

Whatever the answers to these questions, the world needs to know that the Diaspora Jewish nation is largely in control of American policy, media and commerce, and using that control to advance its own economic and geopolitical interests, and propagate the Jewish supremacist interest in Israel and beyond.


Do Jewish Americans Control the Media?

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