Friday, December 02, 2011

Who are "the real Jews": the money-worshipping, racketeering fascists, or those who "money does not blind"?

Jewish Woman Tells Us Why Many Jews Don't Live In Israel

( -- by TrouseredApes --


“If there are anti-Semites, why don’t they come here?” she asks. “Well, they love money, Jews love money. They are crooks. A Jew is a crook,” she answers herself.

She says Jews like to make easy money through lending in the Diaspora at high interest to Gentiles, and selling them booze, etc.

But then she says: “I tell you, I am ‘the real Jew.’ Money does not blind me.”

I hope we soon see a civil war between "the real Jews," and the money-worshipping Jews, because it appears to me that the money-worshipping Jews, with their fascist Zionist racket, both Diaspora and Israeli, are in danger of swallowing the religion whole, if they haven’t already.

Perhaps we will soon see who and what 'the real Jews' are once and for all. -- C.M.

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