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Why do American money-worshippers worship Jews? 2007 article on “the New Establishment” provides a clue

Who Really Runs America?

(American Free Press, Vol 7, #48, Nov 26, 2007) -- by Michael Collins Piper --

Vanity Fair's `Top 100' seems to confirm age-old `canards' about `Jewish power'

If you think that the United States is run by a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) elite, think again. The reality is very much otherwise, according to an old-line American magazine that did, indeed, once rank as a voice of the so-called “WASP” establishment.

Vanity Fair—the stylish monthly now owned by the billionaire Zionist Newhouse family—has just published its annual list of the 100 most powerful people in America, what Vanity Fair calls “the New Establishment.”

What this amazing list reveals is a reality that many will find hard to accept: America’s “New Establishment” is overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish figures or those who are on the payroll of or dependent upon Jewish families and financial interests that bankroll the powerful Israeli lobby in America. That conclusion—however “offensive” or “controversial” in the eyes of some people—is inescapable.

Based on Vanity Fair’s listing from the position of 1-100, persons known to be Jewish occupy 53% of the power positions. However, there are actually 106 names on the list (with two names listed side by side in five places) and with the additional names (four of the six being Jewish), there are 57 individuals known to be Jewish listed.

So depending upon how one calculates, either 53% (or 54% including all those listed) of the most powerful members of “the New Establishment”—as perceived by Vanity Fair—are Jewish.And it should be noted that Vanity Fair’s assessment of who constitutes “the New Establishment” is one that critics would be hard-pressed to dispute.

The fact that a Jewish-owned publication has published the names of these Jewish power brokers (without specifically citing their ethnic and religious heritage) is interesting, especially since Israel’s prestigious newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, on Oct. 11, 2007, heralded publication of the list, saying in a headline that “Jewish power dominates [at the] Vanity Fair [list]. The reporter for the Post, Nathan Burstein, noted:

It’s a list of “the world’s most powerful people,” 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It’s an exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power. More than half its members, at least by one count, are Jewish.

It’s a list, in other words, that would have made earlier generations of Jews jump out of their skins, calling attention, as it does, to their disproportionate influence in finance and the media.

Making matters worse, in the eyes of many, would no doubt be the identity of the group behind the list—not a pack of fringe anti-Semites but one of the most mainstream, glamorous publications on the newsstands. The list would seem to conform to all the traditional stereotypes about areas of Jewish overrepresentation.

Although the “mainstream” media in the United States has failed to note the Jewish predominance on the list— which can correctly be called predominance, since Jewish people are said to be less than even 3% of the American population—the news about the list has been commented upon in American Jewish community publications.

Joseph Aaron, editor of The Chicago Jewish News said that his readers should “feel very, very good about” the news that their co-religionists are so powerful in America. In the Vanity Fair list, which is reproduced here and annotated with factual details regarding those names on the list, AFP has indicated the Jewish names in boldface, although it is possible that there are other Jewish names on the list, but there is no firm research available confirming it. Also, note, for example, that media baron Rupert Murdoch— who appears at number one on the list—is not included here as being Jewish, for the reason that reports that his mother was Jewish have never been fully confirmed, although it has long been an article of faith on the Internet—perhaps in error—that Murdoch is Jewish).

Whatever his ethnic antecedents, Murdoch has been a front-line supporter of Israel and the global Zionist cause—no surprise considering the fact that his primary financial backers in his rise to power were the powerful Rothschild, Bronfman and Oppenheimer families—all very definitely Jewish...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

There is a clear correlation between America’s social, spiritual, moral, cultural and economic decline, and the rise of the organized Jewry, not the least of which has to do with the fact that the Jewish nation within is, among other things, a powerful money-worshipping entity that attracts and rewards other base money-worshippers and punishes those who are not.

Anyone unwilling to confront and condemn money-worshipping Jewry and those lackeys in its orbit is simply not serious about the restoration of sanity to America, despite any “patriotic” and “America values” platitudes they may spout .

A system of free enterprise can only work so long as there is a moral authority with principles, honor, and integrity vis-à-vis the nation in its entirety as opposed to simply serving the interests of this clique or that, this interest or that. And importantly, this moral authority must possess a sense of perspective, proportion and restraint -- all of which organized Jewry and its money-worshipping bootlickers lack.

The rise of organized Jewry in the U.S. is why the capitalist machine has turned into a State Capitalist machine, and is quickly morphing into a totalitarian leviathan that serves not the interests of average Americans, but rather the interests the self-serving, insatiably greedy Zionist and Globalist elites.

The principle that the self-serving Jewish Zionist nation belongs in the Jewish nation is sound, just as is the principle that Islamists belong in Islamic lands. But where should soul-selling Gentile money-worshippers be put to prevent the downfall of the U.S., and the entire negation of its former concepts of liberty, the rule of law, constitutionalism, and an honorable free enterprise system?

Perhaps Florida can be fenced off and guarded with crocodiles. Let the sane people leave, seal it off, and let the money-worshippers congregate there. Deprived of prey, and given the cut-throat, parasitic nature of money-worshippers, it won't be long before most of the problem solves itself.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. And is just part of the larger plan of world domination. For the full picture, just read the Protocols of Zion. (Which are NOT a hoax, they are REAL). They lay the plan out in CHILLING detail. But hey, there are more of us than them, so if americans would stop watching jewish tv, stop shopping for crap they dont need on jewish bank owned credit cards, and stop eating junk food, and start getting hip to what going on, america might still have a chance.