Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are even Jews getting fed up with Jewry? Jewish man arrested for making anti-Semitic calls to his mother, also suspected of painting swastikas

Police: Man Made Anti-Semitic Calls to Mom

Suspect May Also Be Behind Swastika Graffiti, Report Says
(Forward) -- by Staff --

The common refrain “call your mother, she worries” doesn’t refer to the kinds of calls that one Manhattan man is suspected of making.

David Haddad, who was arrested January 16, is alleged to have made anti-Semitic calls to three elderly women, including his 80-year-old mother. “All Jews should die and go to hell,” he reportedly said to his mother, a Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn resident, when she answered the phone on one occasion last month, The New York Post reports.

According to the Post, police also suspect Haddad, who was raised Jewish, may be responsible for spray-painting swastikas — one accompanied by the words “Die Jews” — in the heavily Orthodox neighborhood of Midwood, Brooklyn on January 14. He has not been charged in connection to the anti-Semitic graffiti...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

There is a semi-comical element to this story, but a serious side, as well. It raises an interesting question about the potential for Jewish anti-Semitism.

At what point does the sinister side of organized Jewish behaviour become so arrogant, sick and loathsome (I'm not just talking about Zionism here, but things like this chronic cover up of sexual abuse in the Jewish community that is now coming to light, as well), that we are likely to see a large scale outbreak of anti-Semitism in the Jewish community?

I think its an interesting sociological question, particularly with the new relevance and wide influence of the Internet, which turns over rocks and shatters long-buried history and long-taboo subjects of discussion, now making them available to all manner of people under formerly tight-knit control, and exposing them to other perspectives on their own cultures that they heretofore haven't been allowed to see or hear.

I wonder how much pent-up rage at organized Jewry is out there among average Jews? Just based on some of my own observations on what I would characterize as its fanaticism, there's got to be tremendous emotional resentments towards their own taxing, guilt-tripping, often perversely obsessive and vindictive "culture of control" among plenty of Jews themselves.

The Internet may well release an avalanche of Jewish "pay back" against organized Jewry itself. What is it the Zionists call this? "Price tag" attacks? The fellow mentioned in this story may well be assigning a "price tag" to his own Jewish community for its own despicable conduct.

I wouldn't write this incident off too quickly as a case of mental illness. The man may well be far more rational than the majority of his fellow Jews.


Anonymous said...

David Haddad is likely someone who was contracted to do this work and was caught in the act.

The film, The Village, covered this well. The monsters of the night left blood marking on the doors of the village. In the end, the audience finds out that the leaders of the town did this to create fear from the outside world, while unifying the group to work together.

Chris Moore said...

I saw a great caricature along the lines of what you are talking about:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the other Anonymous is right. They do this stuff all the time!

-nutjob libertarian