Friday, January 06, 2012

Chileans suspect Israeli Jews driven insane by murderous Zionist Moloch are behind Patagonia forest fires

ADL Outraged by Anti-Semitic Conspiracies Circulating in Connection with Tragic Fire in Chilean Patagonia

( -- by Anti Defamation League --

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed outrage over the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories circulating on Chilean web sites blaming Jews and the State of Israel for “deliberately setting” the tragic fire in the environmental preserve of Torres del Paine Park in the Chilean Patagonia.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire and an Israeli tourist was questioned by authorities. He has denied any involvement in starting the fire. Hate-filled comments have been posted on Chilean news web sites linking the fires to a 19th century anti-Semitic conspiracy theory known as the “Andinia Plan.” The conspiracy theory suggests Jews want to gain control of the land in the Patagonia region and are carrying out that plan by destroying the ecological preserve.

Fueling the latest conspiracy theories were remarks by Senator Eugenio Tuma, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chilean Senate and member of the Party for Democracy, who blamed Israel for financing and sending military personnel to the Chilean Patagonia as therapy for post-traumatic stress associated with their belligerence against the Palestinians. Congressman Fuad Chahin, a member of the Christian Democratic Party, posted a comment on Twitter questioning whether the alleged perpetrator was indeed a tourist and suggesting that he was sent by the State of Israel after “killing Palestinian children.”

There have also been reports that some local hostels are now carrying signs that read “no Israelis allowed,” and of a televised hearing where people shouted anti-Jewish expletives...MORE...LINK
Is ancient Semitic god Moloch, associated with Hebrews and child sacrifice, driving the Zionists to murder Palestinian children -- and to the brink of firebug insanity?

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fuck the jews, they allways act like victims but they treat every1 like shit in every place they are