Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fascist Jewry's syndicate infiltration and colonization of CNN now being utilized to take down Ron Paul

Editor's note: the first four minutes or so of the first video are worth watching (the rest of the time is throwaway of Dice trying to get through to leave a phone message with CNN).

In the second video, per usual, Alex Jones doesn't reveal the Jewish-fascist identity of the players, but does help connect the dots in other areas.--C.M.

CNN's Propaganda Family Ties

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CNN Presstitute, Dana Bash (nee' Schwartz)- 'Worried About Ron Paul's Success'!

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Anonymous said...

Bash is downright sloppy with her outright contempt reporting on a political candidate. She did not even wince when she slipped up about her concern with a Paul Presidency.

Is this the new type of reporter that America will be seeing on years to come. A hybrid reporter/pundit?