Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is billionaire Jewish-American casino mogul's financing of Newt Gingrich motivated by anti-Mormonism, anti-Whiteness, or Jewish Zionist supremacism?

(By Chris Moore) -- In the video below, left-winger Max Blumenthal outlines the hard-core Zionist attacks on Ron Paul and Barack Obama. He also notes that Jewish-American casino mogul, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is financing Newt Gingrich's attacks on Mitt Romney, and puzzles over why this might be, believing that Romney is as much of an Israel-firster as any of the other GOP contenders (excepting Ron Paul).

I wonder if Romney's Mormonism has anything to do with it?

The Mormons seem to be an up-and-coming force in America, and organized Jewry and its lackeys may be feeling threatened. For example, Kevin MacDonald notes here that New York Times writer Lee Siegel recently expressed Jewish racial anxiety over Romney's "Whiteness."

Siegel wrote that
The simple, impolitely stated fact is that Mitt Romney is the whitest white man to run for president in recent memory. Of course, I’m not talking about a strict count of melanin density. I’m referring to the countless subtle and not-so-subtle ways he telegraphs to a certain type of voter that he is the cultural alternative to America’s first black president. It is a whiteness grounded in a retro vision of the country, one of white picket fences and stay-at-home moms and fathers unashamed of working hard for corporate America.
As MacDonald sees it, "it is hard to imagine a more blatant recent example of fear and loathing of White America than Lee Siegel’s..."

Is it fear and loathing of Romney's "Whiteness" that disturbs the ethno-racially obsessed Sheldon Adelsons and Lee Siegels of the world, is it his Mormonism, is it the jealous, control-freak, Jewish supremacist agenda, or is it all of the above?

Here's Blumenthal discussing far-right Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's campaign to oust President Obama, and far-right Jewish-American Zionist mogul Sheldon Adelson's role in financing both Netanyahu and Gingrich to advance the Israel-first, Jewish supremacist war enterprise and agenda.

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