Friday, January 20, 2012

My answer to those who claim anti-Zionists seek to finish the work started by the Holocaust

(By Chris Moore) -- There likely would have been no Holocaust (as overblown and exploited by Zionist fascists and their collaborators as it is) if not for Jewish fascists masquerading as Communists carrying out genocide in Russia.

Karl Marx’s Jewish Zionist guru, Moses Hess, hatched a vision to exterminate the German people in the 1800’s, and the Jewish Bolsheviks got the ball rolling in early Soviet Russia by exterminating the Russian nobility and elite (many of whom were of European/German background) along with millions of average Christians and peasants, which made many Germans view Jewry in its entirety as an existential threat (whereas they should have simply targeted for deportation the Zionist/fascist Jews, many of whom were also masquerading as Communists in Germany.)

Fascist Jewry used communism as a Trojan horse for Jewish supremacism, just as it has used (pseudo) “liberalism” (of the militant, statist-authoritarian, neoliberal variety) and, just as transparently, neoconservatism, as ideological Trojan horses for Jewish supremacism in the United States.

Of course, it hasn’t worked alone; thugs, con artists, gangsters and other low-cunning, racket-running gutter snipes have always been attracted to/allied with Zionist Jewry and its fascist racket wherever it goes, and it matters not whether they’re of the left-wing or the right-wing variety.

Thus, it is the amoral gangsters and soulless money-worshippers who don’t want to confine fascist Jewry to the Levant (Communists, “liberal” totalitarians, neolibs, neocons, Judeo-Christian Zionists) in order that they may conspire with it in theft, mass murder and other evil enterprises (under the auspices of “government” and "nationals defense") who are far more likely to facilitate a new Holocaust than those who criticize Zionism (both Diaspora and Levant) as the fascist racket it is.

The only way to “save” fascist Jewry is to save it from itself, and from its thug partners in crime who encourage and profit from its fascism, and will see that it takes the fall instead of them when history finally demands accountability.

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