Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zionist-front New York Times hits a new low in Israel-first, warmongering "journalism"

‘NYT’ gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran ‘normal’

(Mondoweiss) -- by Phil Weiss and Matthew Taylor --

Two days ago the New York Times Magazine published a landmark in warmongering journalism, a huge article predicting and justifying an Israeli attack on Iran, written by Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman. Last night I went to dinner with a friend who knows nothing about these issues but who said she was sickened to read it. What follows are a number of others expressing similar outrage.

First from a smart friend:
The enormous article by Ronen Bergman in the Sunday Times magazine is a shocker. The cover, title and artwork all push the attack like crazy; the article itself is more sober--but he's had impressive access to all the Israeli leaders and ends by making Jeffrey Goldberg's 2010 prediction, only this time for 2012: Israel WILL attack before the end of the year. The recent piece by Ethan Bronner, very weird for the front page, assuring Americans that Israel was satisfied that the repercussions of an attack would be bearable--was really hype for this magazine article. All published to make the attack normal. To deflate in advance any anger from American military or the administration.

Here is the ad for it on the front page, bottom right of Sunday's paper: "For the first time since the Iranian nuclear threat emerged, the conditions for an Israeli assault have been met. With all other options for containment exhausted, will Israel attack Iran. And when?"

So... Bill Keller's weird little piece "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" was actually positioning him on the skeptical far left of the talk at the Times high command.
...Gary Sick describes the piece as sensationalist and misleading:

Will Israel Really Attack Iran? The real answer is no, they will not. But you would never figure that out by reading the New York Times.

The sensationalist article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine (Jan. 29) adds to the hysteria surrounding U.S. and Israeli relations with Iran. Ronen Bergman, a columnist with the leading Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, concludes that Israel will probably attack Iran this year.

He draws this fearful conclusion after recounting his discussions with key Israeli military and intelligence officials, present and former, who describe to him in great detail: (1) why Israel is incapable of conducting such an attack; (2) why such a foolhardy action would fail to stop Iran’s nuclear program; and (3) why it would actually leave the situation far worse than it is now.

Say what?

Not only is his conclusion at odds with virtually everything he produces as evidence, but there are some omissions in his analysis that regrettably have become predictably routine in talking about the Iranian nuclear program...
...Two comments from Times readers, near the top of the comment pile, express cynical skepticism:

Cristine Cordaro:
So Israel wants to lure the US into yet another war?
And Stu:
They'll do what they want whether or not the United States agrees with it. We should let them know that if they attack Iran, they're on their own. Israel should get no support from the US, either tactical or financial. We have our own problems.. Any assistance the United States gives Israel can only be in its best interests not ours.
But of course, that won't happen. Israel would never attack Iran without knowing, it will be supported by our politicians, who play to the vested interests here who put Israel’s interests above that of the United States.
Which begs the question of this ally of ours; exactly how many Israeli soldiers fought with the "coalition forces" in Iran and Afghanistan? Zero, of course.

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