Monday, February 06, 2012

Bill Maher demonstrates why limousine liberal, Diaspora Jewish racket can never be trusted to put humane principle over selfish tribal interests

Introduction by Chris Moore

For a short while there, it looked like Zionist Jew Bill Maher might have been developing a humane consciousness, given that he actually had a few nice words to say about Ron Paul and his anti-war foreign policy, and seemed to have realized establishment liberalism is nothing but a massive brainwashing operation.

But I should have known it was just a fluke, because Zionist Jews always ultimately rally around their criminal racket and its financial interests, and Maher is no different.

The article below documents how Maher is now ripping the Occupy movement as comprised of nothing but deadbeats and "douche bags," sneering that they need to "get a job."

Of course, Maher recognizes that the Occupy movement is a threat, even if merely a mild one, to the Zionist bankster regime that ultimately butters his bread, and butters the bread of the entire Zionist, limousine liberal establishment, as well.

So where the rubber meets the road, "liberal" Jews like Maher are always going to side with the Tribe and its interests over any serious reform or challenge to the neo-fascist, Jewish supremacist political current of the left-right establishment.

That's why members of the Diaspora Jewish establishment, no matter how much "game" they talk, can ultimately never be trusted to look after the interests and general welfare of anyone but themselves. When it comes to gaining and protecting their own, self-aggrandizing money, power, and "prestige," they will betray the goyim at the drop of a hat.

Indeed , betrayal seems to be inherent in their low character. And if the didn't have low character, they never would have sustained their membership in the neo-fascist, Jewish Zionist racket in the first place.

Maher: Occupy Protesters Are "Douchebags" Who Need To "Get A Job"
(Real Clear Politics) -- by ? --

Bill Maher turned his ire toward the "Occupy" protests that took place across the country in the fall and continue in some locations today. Maher says he find himself "almost in agreement with Newt Gingrich" and tells them to "get a job."

Maher said they initially did a good job, but now the "movement" is "just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution." Read what he said below.

"Similar to Afghanistan, when you occupy anything for too long people do get pissed off," Bill Maher said about the "Occupy" protests on his HBO program "Real Time."

"As I watch them on the news now, I find myself almost in agreement with Newt Gingrich, like, 'You know what, get a job.' Only because the people who originally started it, I think they went home. Now it's just these anarchists stragglers. And this is the problem when your movement involves sleeping over in the park. You wind up attracting the people who were sleeping over in the park anyway. And I think this is where we are with the 'Occupy movement'" Maher said on this week's broadcast.

"They did a great job of bringing up the issue of income inequality to the floor, but now it's just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution," he also said to his panel...MORE...LINK
Tribe First! Stereotypical, limousine liberal Jew Bill Maher


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that so-called humanist or Leftist Jews are any less chauvinistic than are Zionist Jews. I don't know that much about Atzmon, but my experience is that humanist Jews still tend to be pretty ethnocentric themselves.

Who are the major humanist Jews? I don't see them in mainstream organizations. Even the supposedly anti-Zionist Jews tend to be ethnic chauvinists and networkers. Zionism is only a part of the problem, and I'm not even sure it's that major part of the problem.

Chris Moore said...

Well, we know that leftist Jews are running a racket. I call them Bolshevik Zionists. Here's an article about the murderous Stalin's fallout with murderous Bolshevik Zionists.

But I'm willing to give humanist Jews who don't seek to use government to cement some Jewish racket (whether left-wing or right-wing) the benefit of the doubt.

There may not be many of these, but those that exist, more power to them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double post. I thought the first didn't go through.

I'm not bashing actual humanist Jews, and I know that they exist. I just don't think they make it very far in large Jewish organizations, the government or in the media.

I'm not challenging you to give examples. I'd just like to know who you believe are examples of authentic humanist Jews, so I could see their opinions.

Most of the self-labeled humanist Jews that I meet, or come across in the media, tend to be ethnic chauvinists, whether they are Zionists or not. I'm not even sure that the typical supporter of a one state solution in Palestine is much more or less than a half-Zionist.*

I'll be honest in stating that I don't believe that many true humanists exist, but I have a problem with the radicalism that seems to be a characteristic of many Jews, and the seeming belief that they have a right to go where they wish and change/destroy what they wish if they believe it will benefit Jews. The radicalism and ethnic chauvinism seem to be common, and it does not matter whether the person is a colonialist or not.

*I understand that a true humanist would be drawn to the situation in Palestine, but I suspect that most of the Jews who call themselves humanists are drawn to the situation because it involves fellow Jews. I also don't see how an anti-Zionist could support either a one or a two state solution, since both are essentially a victory for Zionism. Really, who doesn't believe that a single state wouldn't be completely dominated by Zionist Jews even worse than the type that plague the U.S., or that a single state would be an end to the trouble?

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, I don't believe that many true humanists exist, Jewish or otherwise. I believe that people are mostly separated by the level of viciousness that they are willing to display in attempting to get what they want.

Chris Moore said...

I agree with your last statement entirely.

I think of Jewry as the most highly evolved, brainwashing-adept cult in history. It indoctrinates its adherents to varying degress of what we today call fascism completely.

Even left-wing Jews are pursuing the fascist, Jewish supremacist agenda of the Zionist snakehead, whether they even know it or not.

Escape from that kind of sophisticated cult is difficult and rare, particularly when so much of the rest of contemporary Western civilization validates it.

I think Atzmon has escaped, and is in the process of evolving from a left-wing Jew (I think he currently calls himself a humanist) and even towards Christian sympathies.

For anti-Jewish hard-liners, I think it is important to always remember many Jews are trapped in this highly evolved cult, and it's important to provide some sort of escape route.

That doesn't entail in anyway acquiescing to organized Jewry, but that does mean aiding those who are trying to flee with some kind of moral support and acceptance.

There's a similar corollary for Gentiles: the evil among them seem attracted to the Jewish cult, and eager to participate in its satanism, and profiteer from its Zionism. If this is based upon free will as opposed to ignorance and brainwashing, I say let them implicate themselves in Zionism's crimes. A big "Z" on the forehead makes soulless evil much easier to identify.

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe that most left-wing and anti-Zionist Jews knowingly support Zionism to a fair degree, even when they claim not to do so. And even when they truly don't support Israel, many are still very ethnocentric and support Jewish scheming and domination outside of Israel. I don't support Israel at all, and would not be bothered one bit if the country fell, but I would prefer that the Jewish problem is a Palestinian problem, rather than an U.S. problem.

I see what you mean by giving Jews a way to save face, or escape the tribe, but I have a hard time caring about Jewish sensitivities. As radical, harsh, moralistic and smug as many seem to be when it comes to dealing with other groups, it's hard to have any concern for them. And there is always the issue of justice.

The whole Jewish rise to power is supposedly due to superior Jewish morals. Even today, the theme of WASP moral failures relegating "old America" to the dustbin of history is common. By that logic, I'd say that Jews have also had their shot. I wouldn't be sad to see an end to Jewish power.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is apparently Bill Maher actually thinks he has a 'job'.