Friday, February 03, 2012

Diaspora Zionist Jewry is simultaneously Big Government-authoritarian, extremely liberal, and hyper-capitalist; how and why is this?

(By Chris Moore) -- Wherever it is confident it can infiltrate the centers of power, organized Jewry seeks to grow the size and scope of government for multiple, self-serving purposes.

Probably the foremost reason is in order to control societal purse strings by creating a powerful central bank, which its network can slowly infiltrate and eventually control.

For example, the U.S. Federal Reserve system is today utterly dominated by organized Jewry.

This provides it tremendous influence in areas all across the economy, and allows it to channel Big Government spending through its own "private" Jewish banker syndicates on Wall Street and elsewhere, which take large chunks as fees for their "services" before spreading the spending out to the various Big Government constituencies.

These banks also circulate the general national monetary supply, taking additional large, highly profitable fees for themselves along the way. They then use some of these easy profits to underwrite other companies that are part of the Jewish Zionist syndicate, and to finance syndicate politicians, and those friendly to Zionism.

This essentially gives organized Jewry control of the purse strings across a wide swath of society, and helps it to pick the private sector winners and losers.

Recall how, in the roaring 1990's, Alan Greenspan fretted that the national deficits and government debts were shrinking into relative insignificance, which he feared would cause the Fed to “lose control of monetary policy.” So Greenspan recommended tax cuts for the wealthy in order to pump back up the national deficits and debt.

It was also around this time that the Israel lobby pushed the Clinton administration to tighten sanctions and no-fly zones against Iraq (which ended up killing around a million Iraqis), on the way to ultimately inciting a trillion dollar war against Iraq under the neocon G.W. Bush administration, which destroyed the lives of millions more.

Between war debt under the neocons, and the Big Government debt currently being accumulated under the Obama administration (Obama has been financed and advanced by Jewish Zionist interests nearly his entire career) the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve system now has record U.S. government spending, deficits and debt , and is now using it to "control monetary policy" not only in the U.S., but around the entire world.

Another reason that organized Jewry is pro-Big Government is that it does not proselytize due to the institutional racism inherent in its ethno-religion. Hence, with millions on government payrolls and dependent upon government monetary policy, and with organized Jewry in control of government purse strings, it is essentially able to control and utilize vast numbers of secular "subjects" both materially and psychologically. This allows it to continue its racist exclusivity while simultaneously gaining the power and benefits of sheer numbers enjoyed by non-racist, proselytizing religions that take the time and the effort, and do the good deeds, that are necessary to build a vast congregation and constituency.

Thus, its influence upon and within "secular" Big Government essentially allows organized Jewry to buy underlings and loyalty -- using national credit and resources, no less -- that other religions have to earn by way of hard work and serving their congregations.

Its accomplices, sympathizers and left-wing useful idiots like to claim that organized Jewry is pro-government because it is "liberal" and "compassionate," but this is just more window dressing.

Note how quickly "liberal" Jewish politicians morph into police state authoritarians when they feel the least bit threatened by domestic populist blowback against Diaspora Zionism for engineering crimes against humanity overseas, or for the fallout from its domestic predations.

For example, liberal favorite Senator Carl Levin, along with most of his Jewish cohorts in Congress (Jews enjoy hugely disproportionate representation within the Democratic Party in Congress) was behind the recent National Defense Act of 2012, which suspends habeas corpus protection of US civilian citizens in their own country.

Hence, Diaspora Jewry's vaunted "liberalism" is entirely self-serving, as cover for its Big Government monetary and control agenda as outlined above, and in order to use authoritarian government as protection from blowback against its various crimes and criminal rackets.

But there is an additional reason for Jewry's social liberalism: It is a means to soften up and corrupt Gentile society in order to make it easier to infiltrate, penetrate and co-opt on behalf of all of the above.

Conservative societies are far more suspicious of outsiders and far less susceptible to predatory interests like organized Jewry with its control-mania and money-worshipping racketeering, which manifest not only in pseudo "secular," State Capitalist Big Government and Zionist authoritarianism, but additionally in Jewish hyper-capitalism.

Corrupt and gullible statist "liberalism" is far more conducive not only to infiltration and corruption, but to Jewish hyper-capitalism and its attendant, market-driven, sell-sell-sell and profit-profit-profit at any social cost mentality, no matter how destructive the products that these hyper capitalists are pushing may be to society at large.

An example of this is the liberal cultural pollution that Jewish-dominated Hollywood and mainstream media have relentlessly spewed, distributed and broadcast over the entire country for decades now, resulting in the large populations of the dumbed-down, socially adrift, highly-medicated, zombie-like citizens we see across large swaths of the nation today, and millions of youth being warehoused in crumbling, failing, public schools that do nothing but indoctrinate political correctness, and put future Americans not on a path to happiness and success, but rather down the tragic road to unfulfilled futures as compliant, cattle-like consumers, substance abusers, and taxpayer drones. (From the perspective of pathologically cynical Zionist Jewry, happy, confident, and fulfilled individuals pose a higher likelihood of throwing off their blinders and rebelling against their dark overlords than medicated, beaten down and addicted subjects.)

Conservative societies are far less tolerant of predators who deliberately desecrate the honor codes and moral values of the majority, and who induce this kind of social decline, decay and malaise, which is why, in its Diaspora incarnation at least, organized Jewry leans toward extreme "tolerance" and "liberalism," which is the perfect environment for Zionist infiltration, subjugation, and sabotage.

All tolled, because of its pathological greed and racism, its self-serving "liberal" fanaticism, its insatiable quest for totalitarian domination and supremacy, and its relentless racketeering and sabotage, Zionist Jewry is entirely incompatible with responsible, moderate, self-governing and self-regulating, democratic Western civilization, and incompatible with the Greco-Christian values and ethics that cultivated it.

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