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Is Jewish festival of Purim a religiously sanctioned incitement of terrorist violence?

Genocidal Jews celebrating mass murder

Purim, the Judaic festival of revenge.
( -- by David Rolde --

According to the Megillah or Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible, Purim is a celebration of the killing of 75,000 Persians by the Jews. According to the story, Esther, a Jew was the wife of an ancient Persian king. Esther found out about a plot by the king’s Prime Minister (named Haman) to kill Jews. Esther went to the king and told him. The plot was foiled. The king had the prime minister and his ten sons hanged, and made Esther’s father the new prime minister. But even though the plot had been foiled, the Jews went ahead and slaughtered 75,000 people. Then the feast of Purim was declared in celebration.

Some Jews today who celebrate Purim may think of it as celebrating only Esther’s foiling Haman’s plot. They may not think of it as celebrating the killing of the 75,000 people, even though the Book of Esther, that they read at the ceremonies, does say that that is what the celebration is about. Some Jews who celebrate Purim today may think of the Book of Esther as an ancient or even mythical story that is not relevant to current events and is not a model for how Jews should behave in the modern world.

However a lot of Zionist imperialist Jews today around the world, including Zionist Jews in Palestine and in Massachusetts, use or misuse the Purim holiday to falsely claim that there are modern day plots against the Jews. These Zionist Jews use Purim to call for war, killing and genocide against people in the modern world whom they label as enemies of the Jews. In some cases they even carry out massacres of non-Jews on Purim.á

On Purim 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a “US”-born follower of Meir Kahane who became a settler in 1967-occupied Palestine, massacred 29 áPalestinian Arabs and wounded over 100 in a mosque in Hebron. Rightwing Zionist Jews are still praising Goldstein and his Purim massacre.

Some Zionist Jews think of the 2003 “US” shock-and-awe attack and invasion of Iraq as a Purim execution of enemies of the Jews, something that should be celebrated...MORE...LINK

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