Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Norman Finkelstein articulates how left-wing ideologues and flakes are blocking justice for Palestinians, and sabatoging Mideast peace

Introduction by Chris Moore:

International leftists who fantasize about a one world "utopia" run by an international leftist elite that uses one world government to socially engineer all its critics, antagonists, opponents and competing ideologies into good little compliant comrades, have over the last decade or so, firmly fixed their gaze upon the Israel-Palestine conflict, coming down on the side of the Palestinians.

On the one hand, this is normal, given that international Zionism is now, in partnership with State Capitalist Globalism, self-evidently a neo-fascist movement. (Fascists and leftists have historically been opposing forces, although I'm not really sure why, given that they are both totalitarian, government-based ideologies, and both ideologically racist; Ironically, I guess, it's because Communism was authored by Diaspora Jews prior to the advent of Israel, when most Jews were racist against White European Christians and their traditionally "anti-Semitic" [read: opposed to Jewish gangsterism and racketeering] culture, and needed an ideological device to enlist non-Jews into their gangster cause of smashing and plundering the Christian elites, some of whom consequently morphed into fascists).

At any rate, the way things stand today, the Jewish gangsters have partnered up with the Globalists, migrated to Israel, and over time transitioned from their former Bolshevik gangsterism to their current Zionist gangsterism (which is much more in keeping with their truly racist, ethno-religous-ideological essence, anyway).

But this has put them at odds with their left-wing, former comrades in crime.

I don't want to put words into his mouth, but it seems that, based on the following video, this might be how ex-leftist and consummate Zionist critic Norman Finkelstein now sees things, as well.

Unlike most Jews, Finkelstein never transitioned from leftism to Zionism. Indeed, he has been a foremost critic of Zionism for some 30 years. I'm not sure how he would describe his current ideology, but it is clear that he has now dropped his leftism, and from the video, it is also clear why.

Finkelstein is highly critical of the left now, and says it is not really interested in Palestinian justice or a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but is more interested in playing "gotcha" games with Israel, on the way to seeing to the destruction of the Jewish state by demanding an unconditional Palestinian right of return, which would swamp Israel with millions of Palestinian non-Jews, and undoubtedly end Israel as a state.

This is how I view the motives of the left, as well. Not only does it not really care about the Palestinians and their culture, but it also doesn't really care about any Arabs or their Islamic culture, either. The left is militantly secularist, militantly atheist-authoritarian, and militantly worshipful of government and pseudo-liberal, statist-authoritarianism. It is simply feigning concern about Palestinians and Muslims to enlist them in the cause against its rival gangsters, the neo-fascist Zionists and Globalists.

Now, don't get me wrong; opposition to Zionism and Globalism is noble, but only if the ultimate goal is to replace them with a more responsible, humanitarian, fair and VIABLE moral authority.

But that's not what the left wants to do.

All the left really wants to do is replace once set of Islamic-hating gangsters with itself -- a set of gangsters that hates ALL religions.

And while he doesn't explicitly say so, Finkelstein seems to now see this big picture, as well.

And so, as you will see if you watch the entire video below, he has come out aggressively for imposition of the two state solution, and come out swinging against the left for its disingenuous game playing, intellectual dishonesty, and general immaturity.

And I fully agree on all points.

Not unlike the Zionists and Globalists, leftists seem to suffer from a congenital arrested development that ultimately puts the two competing forces in a pointless tit-for-tat, with the left today more often than not simply spinning its wheels. The end effect of this is to suck troops, momentum and moral authority away from anti-fascists in the Christian-libertarian-populist Ron Paul vein, and steers it into Marxist, Troskyite, and Chomskyite dead-end alleys.


Arguing the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign with Norman Finkelstein
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

My problem with Finkelstein and his Jewish opponents is that I don't care about their family squabble. I would prefer to remove Israel as an issue for America to grapple with entirely, and to then deal with the people who made Israel an American problem--Zionists or not.

I understand that the Palestinians have been wronged, but I really don't care what happens in Palestine, as long as my homeland isn't subverted and sucked dry to support a side and then dragged into the mess. However, it's worth mentioning that it's not Palestinians who are harming America.

Anonymous said...

I've never met a Palestinian, but I feel for them just as the Irish suffered against the British. Finkelstein's two-state solution is beyond repair because of Israel. He is grasping at straws when you look at the where the plan of the Israeli Gov't is headed; and that's straight to Hell -where they belong.

Israel will not stop their purge of the Palestinians, because lack of opposing US political and media representation. Debating this conflict of Israel is unattainable due to the Zionist Wehrmacht's subversive power vacuum. Self interest is no longer a concern for the average politician who hopes to save themselves for the next election, dignity is lost.

And Israeli's are too racist to share what is not theirs to begin with. They want the collective memory erased, and for their Utopian dream to be maintained no matter how sick and false the cost.

Chris Moore said...

As I see it, the primary problem for EVERYONE is Diaspora Zionism.

Without Diaspora Zionism, the Jews would have had to make peace with the Palestinians decades ago, and would have had to live by the lines drawn for the two states.

With Diaspora Zionism, Israel is injected with endless supplies of money, fire power, diplomatic cover, and even U.S. troops deployed to smash its enemies thanks to the Diaspora Zionist fifth columns throughout the world, and their power and influence -- especially within the U.S.

Repatriate the Diaspora Zionist fifth columns and shut down the Diaspora Zionist rackets...problem solved.

Anonymous said...

I largely agree with you, Chris, except that I believe that non-Zionist Jews who constantly agitate for radical change (that largely benefits fellow Jews) within the West are a huge, if not bigger, problem.

I'd settle for attacking either group, but I don't think there is any political will to do a thing among those who could do so. Instead, I think decline and implosion are, unfortunately, more likely.

Anonymous said...

You've identified the main problem.

Two additional problems:

1. No television & print media are really covering the problem of Israel and the unquestioned US support for their shoddy government and land grabbing schemes. Apparently Jews became so independent that they can't trust their existing 'allies' to understand their dilemma. They need to write a Constitution so we can all see the shining document that the world will be in awe of! It will be the match that light the beacon of light. Ha-Ha. I don't think they are capable of drafting a constitution. They would be the ridicule of the the rest of the integrated world.

2. The Diaspora is not going to change their habits. It's part of the bonds of Jewish(Yiddish) connections that brought them to be scorned by much of Europe the last five centuries. And of course that is not all Jews, but the treacherous ones that thrive in the darkness. They believe that their tenacity is a great strength and a core strength to the survival of Jews worldwide. And they aim to obfuscate and pressure groups to 'lay-off' Israel. Many of us know the amount of wickedness that exists in Israel and the self-serving (and tribal serving) diaspora agents. And why are they undermining the sovereignty of other states, like the Arab World and the United States? They don't respect their established models of culture and government. And they have a sets of values that are incompatible with the world, that world which will eventually grow tired of their moral abyss, namely Israel.

Chris Moore said...

My view is that Jewry is ideologically much closer to Islamic civilization than it is to Christianity and Western civilization.

I believe, just like Islamists, Jewish Zionists (both Diaspora and Israeli) conflate religion and politics, and may be incabable of doing otherwise.

(We all know that the "liberalism" of Diaspora Jewry is a complete myth, and self-serving window dressing; Jewry has always been authoritarian, and the Jewish Bolsheviks and Israeli Zionist reflect that true essence.)

So because Jewry operates in a manner comparable with the way Islamic civilization operates, that's where it organically belongs.

And I think if the Israelis would establish their borders and get off of the Western tit (the seemingly endless supply of money, military hardware and diplmatic and military cover that deludes them into believing the gravy train will never end, and even that they can exploit the West to conquer Islamic civilization) they would finally face reality and realize that Muslims are their permanant neighbors, so its time to cut the crap.