Monday, February 13, 2012

Zionists Jewry and its elitist partners in crime have milked their "victim" shtick to the bone; it's now time for them to make reparations

Introduction by Chris Moore:

The following is a take by Roger Cohen on liberal Zionist Peter Beinart’s book “The Crisis of Zionism.”

I've excerpted from Cohen's piece in particular the parts pertaining to what he calls the "treacherous victimhood trope" engaged in by Zionists, and how it has finally run its course, because the whole Jewish victim shtick has been a crucial component of the general Zionist swindle.

No matter how much wealth or power they accumulate, or how much abuse they themselves have perpetrated, Zionist Jews are brainwashed to view themselves as victims, entitled to ever more "reparations," ever more land, ever more money, and to perpetrate ever more abuse...

And the victim indoctrination is a deliberate, systematic process undertaken by much of organized Jewry in order to polarize and alienate Jews from the Gentile world as a means of perpetuating the species, perpetuating the Zionist racket, and legitimizing its crimes against non-Jews, and Zionist crimes against humanity.

As Cohen catalogues below, this pathetic, sniveling, cynical, opportunistic victim shtick is even engaged in by the wealthiest and most powerful Jewish patriarchs. In fact, they are the ones leading and enforcing the repulsive swindle.

And worse yet, because Jewry is so influential in the U.S., this disgusting, Zionist "Woe is me, I'm entitled to be a greedy, selfish, narcissistic asshole, and still consider myself a victim" mentality gets destructively transmuted to much of American society in general, and adopted by the low-cunning "elite" in bed with Zionist Jewry in particular.

This most certainly goes a long way towards explaining the insatiable, unapologetically treacherous and unethical mentality of corporatist America and its State Capitalist partners in fiduciary crime.

It also goes a long way towards explaining why the American elite sees itself as entitled to send U.S. troops stomping around the Mideast, yet professes shock that much of the world now despises the U.S. for this, and dismay that so many average Americans are themselves now ready to go stomping around Washington because the Mideast wars were all based on lies, and have gone a long way towards destroying the savings, livelihood, and lives of average America.

And when they finally do hold these criminals accountable, the Zionists and their noxious goyim partners in crime will no doubt pull out their hair and go into screaming fits of hysteria, and double and triple they're apocalyptic, victim trope melodrama.

Only this time, thankfully, no one will listen to a whiny word emanating from their forked tongues, because the lot of them have finally milked their noxious victim shtick swindle to the bone.


The Dilemmas of Jewish Power

(The New York Times) -- by ROGER COHEN

LONDON — Peter Beinart’s “The Crisis of Zionism” is an important new book that rejects the manipulation of Jewish victimhood in the name of Israel’s domination of the Palestinians and asserts that the real issue for Jews today is not the challenge of weakness but the demands of power...

“We are being asked to perpetuate a narrative of victimhood that evades the central Jewish question of our age: the question of how to ethically wield Jewish power,” he writes. That power, for 45 years now, has been exercised over millions of Palestinians who enjoy none of the rights of citizenship and all the humiliations of an occupied people.

Beinart, a prominent liberal journalist, is right to invert the treacherous victimhood trope. This is not 1938 revisited, or even 1967. Israel is strong today, a vibrant economy and the Middle East’s only nuclear-armed state. Its unwavering ally, the United States, is home to a Jewish community that has never been more integrated or influential...

Yet, as Beinart chronicles, major American Jewish organizations, their agendas often swayed by a few wealthy donors (like the casino mogul Sheldon Adelson), have in general made uncritical defense of Israel — rather than constructive criticism — the cornerstone of their policies and viewed deviation from the ever-refreshed victimhood narrative as unacceptable dissent. He quotes Abraham Foxman, the director of the Anti-Defamation League: “Israeli democracy should decide; American Jews should support.”...

Blaming Palestinians — for disunity, for grandstanding, for seeking not the 1967 lines but Israel’s disappearance — is easy enough, although increasingly an exercise in misrepresentation of the major Palestinian shifts under Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

The blame game would, however, be far more credible if the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had shown the least interest in peace; it has not. Subsidized West Bank settlement expansion continues, a claim in concrete to the land Netanyahu calls Judea and Samaria...

Obama, who started out saying settlements must stop, ended up vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution to that effect. He had to shed his liberal Zionism for American political survival. There could not be a clearer demonstration of why Beinart’s book is so important and timely for the future of Israel...MORE...LINK

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