Friday, March 30, 2012

Average Jewish doormats incapable of standing up to vigorously primal Judeofascist lobbies, elders, regardless of consequences


Chris Moore comments:

The inability of average Jews to stand up to the psychotic yet disciplined Judeofascists is a problem not only in the Jewish community, but among Gentiles in the United States, as well.

The Israel lobby is totally running amok, and has the entire Congress and Executive Branch whipped, cowed and intimidated.

The American Congress today is like a huge casino, and these Judeofascist gangsters are stakeholders who go around bullying, strong-arming and robbing the patrons. They enlist the Gentile management to either go along with their racketeering by giving them a cut of the ill-gotten gains, or to look the other way by using their victim shtick tactic of crying "anti-Semitism" anytime someone honest objects.

And frankly, the kind of "leadership" that America has produced over the last 30 years is simply too weak, stupid or corrupt to offer resistance, totally baron of the ethical and moral fiber it takes to put these Judeofascist psychopaths and their lackeys in their place.

End result: just like average Jews are too cowed, brainwashed, frightened and trembling to talk back to their Judeofascist elders (Atzmon is about the only vigorous critic who refuses to roll over), so too are average Americans and their trembling, politically correct, wet noodle "representatives."

The traditional Christians of Western civilization would not have put up with this psychotic Jewish bullshit for even five minutes, even as the ostensibly "Christian," Judeo-Christian Zionists in America are down on their knees worshipping the Judeofascists like whores in the bedroom.

And the Democrats? They're not even whores. They're providing their services to the Judeofascist gangsters for a mere pat on the head.

America is paying the price today for letting wave after wave of conniving Jewish gangsters through the front door over the decades, and for producing successive generations of weak, ignoble, gutless powder puffs who prove their "manhood" by slopping gravy all over their fat faces, pandering to Jews, and bombing Islamic women and children at the behest of their Judeofascist masters.

What a mess.


Anonymous said...

People can call you an extremist or anti-semite all they want, but you are correct in much of what you say. I would even guess that many of your detractors who have brains will sound much like you in the future. Too bad it will probably be too late by then, and many more innocent people will be killed and society degraded even further. Cowards!

Chris Moore said...

"I would even guess that many of your detractors who have brains will sound much like you in the future."

I don't think that future is as far off as it may seem.

The Judeofascists have been kicked out of Western civ time and again, and will eventually be thrown out here.

But what's important is that their whore and snake accomplices are confronted, as well.

What's the point of throwing the Judeofascists into the gutter if their whores are going to unlock the back doors and let them back in re-implement their fascist gangsterism?

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% that non-Jewish accomplices are just as guilty and deserving of punishment. In the end, it'll be interesting to watch the two groups point fingers, which has already started to a small degree with the constant attempts to pin the whole mess on Christian Zionists.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. The power of what you write and others like Gilad expose the entire corrupt government. Congress is a huge Casino that's only slipping further into decline. The course of the nation is on the long road to depression that may be 20+ years away.

Congressional approval from their citizens isn't even discussed any longer, and any splinter party is completely co-opted by the establishment forces. The 2 party is more manageable, as the Democratic establishment rolls over when the lobby asks, the Republicans are now seeing how easy it is to follow.

Unfortunately, I fear this problem is not going away. I see the integration of Israel as our ally to be indefinite. Of course there's is talk about efforts to isolate the state, from the US but it's a far away reality at this point. Dishonest political representatives are being given a pass by a complicit media. It's a recipe for revolt that will not be coming anytime soon, with the Facebook revolution to counteract any dissenters.

I may be too cynical, but you must feel the lack of change inside the polluted establishment? The Lobby, even if it is broken in the future, will remain bilking the system indefinitely because that is what it does so well. Why work for it like the rest of the nation, when you already know how to hoard it. It's a filthy corporation disguised as religious state.

Anonymous said...

I hope Chris is right. It's not likely that Zionist/Jewish parasites are going to willingly hop off the host, but there is just so much blood to suck. The issue is how much damage they will be allowed to do before the system collapses or they are turned out of power. The situation can't continue as it is, and they have caused too much damage and abused the trust of all other Americans too willingly and thoroughly to be allowed anywhere near power.