Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Brilliant" Zionist Jew government scientist convicted of fraud, tax evasion and attempted spying for Israel

Space scientist, sentenced to 13 years, expresses regret over espionage attempt

(Washington Post) -- by Del Quentin Wilber and Kathrine Driessen --

...In January 2009, Nozette pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the government of $265,205.57 and to evade more than than $200,000 in taxes.

“He really does have a brilliant scientific mind,” said federal prosecutor Michael Atkinson of the District’s U.S. attorney’s office. “But there is no doubt he also had a criminal mind, and he used that criminal mind to advance the interests of Stewart Nozette.”

The fraud investigation eventually led to his downfall on espionage charges. While searching Nozette’s home in 2007 in connection with the fraud case, federal agents found classified information on computers and grew concerned about a contract he had with an Israeli aerospace company. They also discovered a 2002 e-mail that said Nozette was willing to provide classified information to Israel or another undisclosed country.

By September 2009, an FBI agent posing as a member of the “Mossad” approached Nozette and, in recorded meetings, asked the scientist whether he would spy for Israel. They agreed to exchange information through a post office box in the District, and Nozette collected more than $20,000 in cash for providing classified information about such defense programs as satellites and early-warning systems, according to court papers that accompanied Nozette’s September guilty plea to one count of attempted espionage...MORE...LINK

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