Friday, March 16, 2012

Craven Warren Buffet was viciously discriminated against by Jews as a young careerist, yet ended up joining the Zionist team instead of fighting it

Wall Street firm slammed the door on young Warren Buffett for religious reasons

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

I'm reading a great book, What Goes Up: The Uncensored History of Modern Wall Street, by Eric J. Weiner, published in 2005. A lot of the uncensored history in Weiner's oral history is his chronicle of the fall of the old patrician order on Wall Street and the rise of Jewish bankers and traders in the '60s and '70s.

A delicious anecdote involves maybe the greatest stockpicker of our time, Warren Buffett, who at 21 wanted nothing more than to work for the Wall Street firm of Graham Newman but was rejected because he was not Jewish...

Warren Buffett transferred from the University of Nebraska to Columbia Business School in order to study under Graham. But when he graduated and tried to work for Graham, the investor repeatedly put him off. For religious reasons. From Weiner's book, of oral histories:

Tom Knapp (former analyst for Graham Newman):
Ben had a great reputation at Columbia for being a smart guy, and so when he decided to go to work on Wall Street he applied to several of the large firms. But they all turned him down. His belief was that it was because he was Jewish.
...Tom Knapp:
Warren did offer to work for Graham for free, that's absolutely true. But everyone at Graham-Newman was Jewish, from the top right down to the bottom. This was because Graham remembered how hard it was for a Jewish guy to get a job when he was trying to come to Wall Street. So Warren came in and offered to work for free. But Ben wasn't about to break his philosophy on hiring. He told Warren no. And Warren went back to Omaha.
Roger Lowenstein (Buffet biographer)
Graham didn't want Buffett to come to Wall Street to work for him because he wanted to save the positions in his firm for Jews, who had a hard time finding work on Wall Street. So Buffett went to work for his father for a little bit, and then he came back East to work for Graham.

Chris Moore comments:

This is so typical of Jewry: scream to the high heavens about "discrimination" when they're not at the top, but once they get to the top, discriminate against non-Jews ruthlessly and unapologetically. They've been doing this for centuries. It's a ploy in their racket.

But I'm also interested in Buffet here. What an absolutely disgusting human being. This is a guy who was viciously discriminated against by Jews, yet when he made billions and could have thrown his weight around, did he do anything to prevent the Zionist Jew takeover of so many American institutions? No, he didn't lift a finger.

I don't know if his cowardice and servility is because he is a Judeo-Christian Zionist, because he is a degenerate money-worshipper who didn't want to affect his bottom line by taking on Jewish fascists, or because the "elites" of his generation are comprised of a bunch of soul-selling, moral and ethical defectives.

Whatever the case, far from being the "pillars" of America, gutless, Jew-deferential financial industry scum like Buffet have played a huge role in its downfall, and deserve to be stripped of every penny of their wealth for their obsequious, boot-licking treachery, collaboration and treason.

Warren Buffet (right), doing the "God's work" of hamming it up about the rip off of average Americans with thieving Goldman Sachs Jew Lloyd Blankfein.


Anonymous said...

You sound like a sad racist with an axe to grind

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a racist?
What about the racist Jews that would not give a job to a NON Jew?!?
I am always in shock at the racism, ferociously tribal mindset of way too many Jews as they accuse others of r
"Racism"... Did you Sir Zionist Read the article's part that says that the JEWS would NOT give a job to this NON Jew because he ( Buffet) was NOT a Jew?
Who is the racist here???????

Squatmaster said...

There are a lot of Jews who don't believe in Zionism as it is against their faith and against humanity

Anonymous said...

The origin of racism is the Talmud actually