Friday, March 09, 2012

Is the Israel lobby a Trojan horse for Communism, or was Communism instigated as a Trojan horse for Zionism?

AIPAC Founder I.L. Kenen identified in FBI documents as Cleveland member of the Communist Party (CPUSA) in 1939

(Charleston Voice) --

These recently released FBI source documents have appeared on the web site of IRmep and available here. We are urging all of you to save this PDF file on your hard drive. It is 198 pages loaded with additional subversives - even contemporaries - still in government, tax-free foundation service! A wealth resource beyond belief.

Our just now earlier post provides additional information - and names - on espionage cell activities in the US in the 1940s.

This is not surprising to Americans that have informed themselves about the Neoconservatives. The 'neocons' have always been recognized as cadre of the Far Left of American politics.

The subversion of America's heritage whether it be pro-war, subversion from our pulpits, unlimited debt and spending, or other treacheries, destroying America's independence has always been the long term agenda.

It is suicidal that we as Americans subsidize traitors with our own money by awarding them IRS subsidized tax-free exemptions...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Communism was instigated by organized Jewry early on as a Trojan horse for Zionism (Jewish supremacism).

Neoconservatism, instigated by ex-Trotskyite Jews, was a later Trojan horse.

Never underestimate the lengths to which supremacist Jews will go to smuggle in their hegemony. They consider themselves "chosen" and a "nation of priests" that deserves to rule over the inferior "goyim" cattle, and entitled to ring the goyim for all they're worth...hence the massive Wall Street ripoffs engineered by Jewish supremacists and their disgusting left-right goyim accomplices.

Anyone who doesn't want to pull the Zionist linchpin doesn't really want to take down the NWO, because the absolute worst elements of both left and right are all now tied to Zionist Jews.

Time to flush the lot.


How will the lot likely be flushed?

Americans were told the U.S. Military was sent to the Middle East because of 9/11, but this and this are probably the principle reason. And that spells treason.

Oh, there was a 9/11 connection all was the inside job casus belli perped by the Zionists and Globalists, the latter of which opportunistically sought to exploit 9/11 for their own self-serving, neo-fascist purposes.

But soon enough, 9/11 is likely going to be used in a way that was never part of the original will be used to usher the lot to the guillotines for treason.

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