Monday, March 26, 2012

Jewish supremacists demand Muslims rise up and decry murderous Islamic terror, but never themselves seem to rise up and decry murderous Judeo terror

What about Jewish murderousness?

( -- by Khalid Amayreh --

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The title of this article might be viewed as particularly provoking to many Jews, especially those who are accustomed to shutting up western critics of Israel. The more racist-minded Jews, and there are certainly too many of those, might hasten to dismiss it as plainly anti-Semitic.

This week, one Israeli writer, scrawled a screed entitled "Western World is Blind," in which he argued that "despite Muslim murderousness, the west refrained from admitting Islam is the problem."

Hence, I thought that if they can write about "Muslim murderousness." I, too, should be able to write about Jewish murderousness as well. After all, Jewish terror, has always been an outstanding phenomenon, past and present.

I don't think that Muslims are angels or totally immune from evil urges to commit murder.

However, I also do believe that the given the large number of Muslims in the world (1.6 billion human beings), the number of Muslims who resort to murder is quite negligible. I am saying this with no intention to lessen or mitigate the gravity of violence and terror perpetrated by nominal Muslims and groups such as al-Qaeda.

This is despite the real, legitimate grievances of Muslims around the world, such as in occupied Palestine, Syria , Iraq , Sudan , Chechnya , eastern Turkistan , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Burma .

On the other hand, there is irrefutable evidence that there are far more Jews per capita who indulge in murder and terror. This is a plain fact in occupied Palestine where nearly every adult Israeli Jew stands guilty for mistreating, harassing, persecuting or even killing a Palestinian.

The bottom line here is that if murderousness is measured by the sheer numbers of innocent victims murdered knowingly and deliberately, then there is no shred of doubt that Israeli Jews will emerge the ultimate winners.

Well, in fact Israeli Jews have always been the winner as far the disproportionately high number of their terror's innocent victims. I know saying this is not politically correct in places like New York, Paris and London. But one has to be honest and truth must be told.

The murder of four Jews at the hands of a French Muslim citizen has been condemned by Muslims in Europe and the Middle East, both individuals and organizations. However, instead of forming a united front against terror and murder, involving people of good-will, Muslims and Jews alike, we saw that many Jewish leaders and intellectuals, as well the usual shipyard dogs of the Zionist media, granted themselves a sort of carte branch, to attack, vilify and demonize Muslims.

In May 2007, a Jewish French immigrant by the name of Jullien Soufir, lured 35-year-old Taysir Karaki, a taxi driver from Beit Hanina, an East Jerusalem neighborhood and a father of five, to his apartment in Tel Aviv. Soufir decapitated Karaki with a dagger. Soufir, who had been frequenting a synagogue nearby, bragged about his crime.

In March 2009, a Tel Aviv court ruled Soufir paranoid and schizophrenic and that he was unfit to be tried for murder. He was released after all sorts of extenuating circumstances were concocted. I don't know where Soufir is spending his time now, but I suppose he is being allowed to travel abroad, especially to France.

Now, does Soufir's crime allow one to speak of Jewish murderousness (as opposed to Muslim murderousness) and French or European blindness to Jewish terror?

Of course, the murder of Karaki was not an isolated case of Jewish terror. Jewish terror, especially by Talmudic-minded settlers in the West Bank, is a matter of daily occurrence. Read B'tselem's reports and you will get a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.

In fact, the monstrosity and shocking regularity of Israeli (Jewish) crimes in Palestine and Lebanon present an absolute indictment of Israel as a crime against humanity.

Israeli crimes are too numerous to be counted and too nefarious to be forgotten with the passage of time. Israel's history is actually an uninterrupted chain of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Again, the Toulouse school crime is gruesome, but the genocidal "Jewish" crimes, such as Dir Yasin, Dawaymeh, Sabra and Shatila, Ibrahimi mosque, and recently in Gaza, make what happened in Toulouse look quite insignificant.

The perpetrator of the Toulouse school is believed to have been a member of al-Qaeda, a group which is hounded and mercilessly fought in all Muslim countries, including the Gaza Strip.

But can anyone tell us how Israeli and Jewish circles treat Jewish terrorists and murderers, active and potential? Does anyone remember what happened to the Jewish murderer of Kayed Salah, the Hebronite shop keeper, who was killed in cold blood in 1988 by a "rabbi" named Moshe Levinger? As far as I know, the Kahanist rabbi didn't serve a single day in jail?

We know and the world knows that Jewish murderers and terrorists are not only admired, honored and celebrated in Israel, but also made to benefit from a shockingly racist, even fascist, justice system that treats them as innocent, even if found guilty in court...MORE...LINK

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