Saturday, March 31, 2012

A pattern of blatantly fascist banter by Diaspora Zionist neocons reveals the true essence of their ethno-ideology

Head of Bill Kristol’s lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as ‘target practice’

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Bill Kristol is the chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, Noah Pollak is the top staffer at the shop. From Pollak's twitter feed (and thanks to ThinkProgress for spotting it):
Global March to Jerusalem needs a more accurate name, like Global March to Become Target Practice for the IDF.
Pollak has earlier called for "disproportionate force" against Palestinians and for shooting released Palestinian prisoners.

Rachel Abrams is on the board of ECI and has called upon Israel to throw Palestinian children into the sea to be eaten by sharks...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

What's so scary about these neocon Diaspora Zionists is that not only are they more fascist than a lot of the Israelis, but they're more belligerent...e.g. instigating the Iraq war, the endless "Global War on Terror," and now pushing for a war with Iran.

And then their "liberal" wing in the Democratic Party is busy instigating domestic totalitarian policies (thanks Joe Lieberman and Carl Levin -- to name just a couple of the Congressional cabal of Zionist Jews pushing the domestic police state, and who are part of the larger Zionist Jew network that financially, institutionally, intellectually and materially dominates the Dems at the national level, and at the expense of other minorities and their causes and interests -- not to mention the rest of the American people).

So not only are they self-serving, warmongering totalitarians on the right, but on the left, as well.

It must have something to do with their supremacist Zionist ethno-religious doctrine.

I guess it just goes to show that their whole, victim shtick song and dance and "liberal" window dressing is mere smoke and mirrors and opportunism, and always has been.

When an ethno-ideological group attains power is when it reveals its true essence.

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