Saturday, April 21, 2012

"The lobby is dangerous. And there is no force in America like it and there never has been before."

"But every American needs to understand that there is only one lobby in this country that operates like this. One can write or speak freely on any issue but one: Israel. You can call President Obama a foreigner and a terrorist. You can call President Bush a war criminal who belongs in jail. You can denounce all gun owners as criminals or, for that matter, call anyone who opposes “gun rights” a Communist subversive.

"There is absolutely nothing that one cannot say or write except about this one issue — because of the power of the lobby Dershowitz is a key part of. Because, if you do, the lobby will go after your job." ...MORE...LINK

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Anonymous said...

While the Bush and Cheney regime were claiming to be all about national security,the United States was under an unprecedented tidal wave of illegal immigration.
Most of the illegals spoke Spanish and were of the mindset that half of the U.S.,rightfully belongs to Mexico. From the way they got into office going foreward,every thing about the Bush Administration,involved tricks,deceit and reliance on propaganda slogans.