Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Which brand of Zionism is more dangerous: blatant, religious Jewish supremacism, or pseudo-"secular," crypto Jewish supremacism?

(By Chris Moore) -- Writing in the American Conservative, Jon Basil Utley claims Zionist fanaticism is abating among American Jews, and "AIPAC’s leadership already only speaks for a minority of Jews":
“J Street supporters are pro-peace first and pro-Israel second” is the criticism of hard-line Zionists and their allies in Washington. It well describes the growing fault lines in the Jewish community with those who want peace for Israel’s and America’s own long-term interests. Aggressive new settlements, international opprobrium, and unending, costly conflicts have lost Israel most of its worldwide support. As all-powerful and intimidating as AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, still appears, Jewish attacks are weakening it, even as Congress still trembles and Republican presidential candidates grovel before it. Its power is now being challenged as never before. Indeed, AIPAC’s leadership already only speaks for a minority of Jews, especially old ones, according to many participants at the conference. Today it increasingly depends upon the support of two main allies, the military-industrial complex and Christian Zionist millenarians.
First, why is it appropriate to single out “Christian Zionists” but spurn the term “Jewish Zionists,” which indicates the even more tenaciously pro-Israel and often equally messianic Jewish-American community?

Second, it’s baloney that AIPAC speaks for a minority of American Jews. Look at how Jewish interests dominate the Democratic Party -- and virtually all nationally elected Jewish Dems are pretty hard core Zionists.

Are we supposed to believe that the supposed majority of non-Zionist Jews is going voiceless in Congress?

As the nutty Judeo-Christian Zionists prove, Zionism isn’t simply an Israel-first orientation; it’s an entire Jewish supremacist ideology and world view unto itself, subscribed to by many Jews and non-Jews alike. And in addition to Christian Zionists, Gentile Zionism includes plenty of liberal and left-wing non-Jews who have been taken in by "Holocaustinaity" -- the mindset that the Jews have suffered more than any others, and hence are supreme by fiat of a kind of historical natural selection resulting in Jewish moral and intellectual superiority.

This brand of Jewish supremacist worship maintains Holocaust museum shrines, an ongoing stream of Judeophile and Jewish victim movies, books, articles and propaganda, and other clever Jewish supremacist sacraments. It's a "liberal" corollary to Christian Zionism that might be called "secular messianic Zionism," wherein the Jewish people have yet again found a way to cast themselves in the role of "the chosen."

An earlier version of this "secular" brand of messianic Jewish supremacism paved the way for Marxist-Trotskyite mass murder in the Soviet Union that both pre-dated and dwarfed the Holocaust in terms of numbers exterminated. (Of course, "secular" Jewish supremacists don't consider non-Jewish life as valuable as Jewish life, or even comparable to non-Jewish life, which is why the Nazi Holocaust of Jews is a household name, and why the Zionist-perpetrated holocaust in the Soviet Union is largely ignored and unknown.)

Constantly pointing to right-wing Zionists, and giving left-wing Zionists a pass amounts to scapegoating, and actually ends up serving the international Zionist agenda of Jewish supremacist indoctrination and manipulation in the same way as does Christian Zionism, only in a far more insidious manner, because this pseudo-“liberalism” is Zionism's harbor of retreat into chameleon anonymity. There, Jewish Zionists can safely regroup until they strike forth via the Jewish neocons again, and increasingly don’t even wait for the neocons, as the warlike behavior of the Jewish-dominated Obama administration is demonstrating.

The most clever, subversive, and insidious ideologies take in dupes from both the left and the right, and Zionism is about as clever, subversive and insidious as they get.


Anonymous said...

I think that Zionism is somewhere between a fad and superstition for most of the evangelical Christians that I know. They talk a good game about standing with Jews and Israel and covenant stuff, but I doubt that many give much money, or would fight or send a loved one to fight for Israel. I believe that their support for Israel is generally about as deep as their religious convictions (not deep from my experience) and their understanding of Christianity (I'm not one to talk, but I know enough about the religion to know that Zionism, aggressive wars and grovelling before Jews/Judaism isn't the message of Christ).

Anonymous said...

As for Jews, I believe that the so-called secular Jews are far more dangerous and radical than the Israel-centric Zionist Jews will ever be. The Zionists are pretty much straightforward thugs and traitors, and are easy to spot and root out when the the time comes--and if they were working alone, that time would have come long ago, and with much less damage.

The so-called secular radicals who view the whole world as Zion are the real problem, especially since they typically present themselves as peaceful, favoring assimilation and universalism. Unfortunately, what they really want is universal assimilation to Jewish norms by non-Jews, while they live as chosenites in an exclusive Zion. As long as they pay lip service to anti-Zionism and choose the right side on which to do the social justice song-and-dance, they will be far more difficult to root out, and they are far more likely to do fatal internal damage than are their more honest and brutal Israel-centric Zionist cousins.