Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The ear-whispering Jewish neocons sold Bush on invading Iraq, but why did Bush buy? Because he and his ilk are soulless degenerates

Passive-aggressive George Bush namechecks neocons for getting us into that mess

In a post on Bill Kristol's appearance in New York, Scott McConnell reminds us that George W. Bush called Kristol and Charles Krauthammer "the bomber boys" because they pressured him to bomb Iran. McConnell says the neocons may have had George W. Bush wrapped up, but he had real misgivings about them.

I just got Bush's book, Decision Points (2010). And it shows some real passive-aggressive tendencies with respect to the neocons...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

This article summarized: G.W. Bush fell for the ear-whispering lies of the self-serving, Israel-first, Jewish neocons in his administration, who filled his head with visions of glorious Mideast conquest, but mostly as a means of serving the Israeli/Jewish Zionist geo-political agenda.

All of this is true, as far as it goes. But what were the extreme character flaws that allowed Bush et al to bite on these temptations, or even allow the Jewish neocons in the administration door in the fist place, let alone do their thinking for them?

And what are the extreme character flaws on the mainstream left that has resulted in Jewish domination of the Democratic Party and liberal establishment?

Self-serving, ear-whispering Zionist Jewry has always been a major problem down through history, but an equal and possible greater problem is the corrupt, intellectually lazy, reprobate Gentiles who fall for Jewry’s temptations/self-serving lies out of greed, vanity, self-aggrandizement and moral terpitude, because these are like the trusted family member who unlocks the back door of the houshold to thieves in the night.

These are the ultimate threat to the community, the country, the civilization. No honor, no character, no nobility…nothingness.

Those who sell their souls to the Zionst Jews are less than zero, less than nothing.

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