Friday, May 11, 2012

Should certain forms of Orthodox and Zionist Judaism be outlawed in the West as chronically hostile to the rule of law, Western norms?

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

“There is no nice way of saying it,” Mrs. Engelman said. “Our community protects molesters. Other than that, we are wonderful.”...

While some ultra-Orthodox rabbis now argue that a child molester should be reported to the police, others strictly adhere to an ancient prohibition against mesirah, the turning in of a Jew to non-Jewish authorities, and consider publicly airing allegations against fellow Jews to be chillul Hashem, a desecration of God’s name.

There are more mundane factors, too. Some ultra-Orthodox Jews want to keep abuse allegations quiet to protect the reputation of the community, and the family of the accused. And rabbinical authorities, eager to maintain control, worry that inviting outside scrutiny could erode their power, said Samuel Heilman, a professor of Jewish studies at Queens College.

“They are more afraid of the outside world than the deviants within their own community,” Dr. Heilman said. “The deviants threaten individuals here or there, but the outside world threatens everyone and the entire structure of their world.”...

“While the crimes the defendant stands convicted of are bad enough,” the judge said before sentencing Mr. Weinberg to 13 months in prison, “what is even more troubling to the court is a communal attitude that seems to impose greater opprobrium on the victims than the perpetrator.”...

Mr. Jungreis, knowing the prohibition on calling secular authorities, asked several rabbis to help him report the abuse, but, he said, they told him they did not want to get involved. Ultimately, he found a rabbi who told him to take his son to a psychologist, who would be obligated to notify law enforcement. “That way you are not the moser,” he said the rabbi told him, using the Hebrew word for informer. The police arrested Meir Dascalowitz, then 27, who is now awaiting trial...

In a case late last year that did not get to the police, a 30-year-old molested a 14-year-old boy in a Jewish ritual bath in Brooklyn, and a rabbi “made the boy apologize to the molester for seducing him,” he said...

Chris Moore comments:

Does the Talmud, Judaism's highest holy book, sanction sex with children?

The Orthodox Jews seem to be coy about it, but appear to sanction it under certain circumstances.

Here's a relevant page (Sex with Children by Talmud Rules) that's worth reading in its entirety for attaining insights into the religious Jewish mindset, and how these people think at their core.

They seem to have a rule for everything, and most of these "rules" seem designed to rationalize low ethics, outright lawlessness, and perversions, particularly with regard to treatment of non-Jews.

These are very dangerous and poisonous people to have "tolerance" for. It's become increasingly clear that the practice certain forms of Zionist Judaism should be outlawed in the West. Let them take their sicknesses to Israel, where they can be contained within the Jewish ghetto. We don't need them preying upon decent folk.

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