Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Neocon openly brags Zionists have taken over GOP, yet any whisper that U.S. is fighting Mideast wars for Israel is "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory"

Bill Kristol and Jeremy Ben-Ami on Israel

Philip Weiss has a nice column on the debate between Bill Kristol and Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street held at a synagogue in New York (“Bill Kristol celebrates Republican Party purge of ‘oldfashioned Arabists’ Scowcroft, Baker and Bush I.”) The headline reflects Kristol’s power in the Republican Party—openly saying that the neocons purged those who were not sufficiently aware that the capital of the United States is Tel Aviv, to paraphrase Russell Kirk.

It’s nice of Kristol to acknowledge this—it reflects a well-deserved sense of invulnerability. What’s next? Acknowledging the indispensable neocon role of in promoting the war with Iraq?...

In the Weiss piece, Kristol complains about the New York Times and NPR as enemies of Israel. But neither would ever breathe a word about the simple fact that the war in Iraq never would have happened without the Jewish neocons who falsified intelligence reports on WMD and created the image of Iraq as bent on destroying the US: ”Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight,” as Kristol phrased it.

That is yet another huge display of Jewish power. And we already know what would happen if a mainstream media outlet strayed off the reservation by charging the neocons with responsibility for the Iraq war: Charges of “anti-Semitism” by the ADL and attempts to ruin careers. (The ADL labeled such charges “a canard that America’s going to war has little to do with disarming Saddam, but everything to do with Jews, the ‘Jewish lobby’ [notice that 'the Jewish Lobby' is in quotes; the ADL is implying that it doesn't really exist] and the hawkish Jewish members of the Bush administration who, according to this chorus, will favor any war that benefits Israel. Such charges are “reminiscent of age-old, anti-Semitic canards about a Jewish conspiracy to control and manipulate government’ (see here, pp. 15-16)...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

I'd really like to know how Kristol calculated how “the status quo is sustainable for another 45 or 60 years.” (He was referring to the Israel-first, Zionist-Dem/GOP status quo and the brutal Israeli Occupation/expansionism).

He must figure that the vast majority of Americans are a bunch of Jewish-whipped, politically correct cowards, buffoons and idiots who won't say squat about their Zionist enslavement.

But if that's the case, does he really believe the U.S. will even last another 45-60 years? Slaves are hardly the makings of motivated nations, let alone unitary Superpowers.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he's thinking of conscripting the multi-racial inhabitants of what used to be the United States into the IDF?