Monday, August 06, 2012

Netanyahu's plan to coerce U.S. into war: Israel attacks Iran, Iran retaliates, Israel plays the besieged victim until U.S. 'saves the Jews'

(By Chris Moore) -- Richard Silverstein on Jewish supreme leader and Israeli Prime Minister "King Bibi" Netanyahu's latest brainchild to hoodwink the U.S. into yet another war for Israel:
There’s trouble in the Promised Land when Israel’s prime minister complains (in English) that his generals are pussies afraid to attack Iran for fear of the finger of blame pointing at them when the commission of inquiry seeks to assign blame for failures...

Bibi told the gathering that he had no fear of such a government proceeding. And his generals were just covering their asses. Those in attendance got the impression that Israel’s leader was inclined not to rely on the U.S. to pursue an attack on Iran, but would rather order the IDF to do so in the coming months. Others who heard Bibi’s remarks felt they were part of the psychological campaign to pressure the U.S. into attacking...

Previous reports have mentioned that Bibi believes that if Israel attacks that the U.S. would feel compelled to intercede on Israel’s behalf...So in effect, Bibi is saying that if I launch an unprovoked attack and the Iranians pummel my cities, then Obama will have no choice but to step in and finish the job.
Until Americans understand the nature of the Jewish state and its lobby, America and its soldiers will continue to be manipulated, used and abused by this conniving people and its corrupt Beltway political lackeys who care nothing about the U.S., but only about their own bank accounts and self-aggrandizement, and perhaps about playing out a farcical psycho-drama, with themselves cast in the heroic role of Oskar Schindler, weeping, soaring rhetoric and all: "We must save the precious Jews...I will save the Jews!!!"

Zionist Jews are treacherous warmongers and master manipulators, incredibly adept at provoking hostilities and then getting useful idiots to do the dirty work, fighting and dying for the Jewish supremacist agenda by exploiting the "victim" card to the max.

How many more times are Americans going to be emotionally blackmailed into going to war by Israel and its fifth column for Jewish supremacy and its 1%-serving racket and "chosen race" agenda?

This is getting ridiculous.

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