Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Viral video of gay Jewish "atheist" on rant at U.C. Berkeley exposes true anti-democracy motives and disturbed psychology of "goyim"-hating Diaspora Zionists

A lot of people seem to have a difficult time coming to terms with why Gentile Beltway elites are so firm in their alliance with Jewish Zionists, be they Israeli or Diaspora Zionist, right-wing or left-wing (like the left-wing, anti-democracy and anti-Christian, Zionist-indoctrinated homosexual Jew ranting and raving in the video above about Christian and "goyim" persecution of Jews and homosexuals).

In addition to a common culture of greed and money-worship, another component of the answer is most certainly the crypto culture of buggering favored by the Anglo-Imperialists (a culture that re-grew in America over the generations down the line from the vigorous WASPs that founded the country, once Washington became corrupted). This crypto culture of buggering is also common among Zionist Jewry, which is why there is such a disproportionate number of homosexual Jews, and is likely responsible for the creation of the poor creature railing above.

Not only are a lot of the decayed and corrupted Beltway elites on left and right in bed with Christian-hating Jews politically, but they're in bed with them physically and psychologically as well, and engaged in all manner of physical and intellectual buggering.

This common, perverted, anti-Christian, anti-Western and anti-democratic pathology to "bugger the world" via Imperialism (now Globalism) and Zionism is an outgrowth of their common sub-culture of buggering. 

And just as the Jew ranting in the video above sees democracy as "mob rule" and opposition to his conflated personal-political Jewish/Zionist/homosexual identity and agenda as evidence of bigotry and persecution, the Beltway neolibs and neocons and those subservient to them see opposition to Jewish Zionists, and to their common world-buggering, Zionist-Globalist agenda, as an attack on them an attack on their essence.

Don't fool yourselves. The crazed psychology of the Jew in the video above may be extreme, but its elitist, anti-democratic, persecution-complex thought process is no doubt undertaken by nearly all Diaspora Zionist Jews, queer or not, and also in the conscious and sub-conscious of the Judaized, anti-Christian, imperialist-minded, world-buggering Gentile elites in bed with them. -- C.M.


Anonymous said...

Zionism is a subversive movement in the USA. It will attract and encourage this behavior. One thing seems clear - it will never be a mainstream movement regardless of how much capitol they inject into a seemingly corrupted system. Their success is because Zionism is not debated, and their antics are becoming more apparent each day Israel and Zionism is exposed to more light.

I've started reading the English version of 200 Years together. There is a lot to learn from this book, although all chapters have not been translated yet.

DJF said...

This Jew thinks he is an atheist but in fact he worships at the feet of the god of victim hood. I bet that in one breath he could shout out examples of a dozen real or imagined slights or attacks against the Jew. Add in his homosexuality and his victim hood is so large that looking out all he can see is his own suffering.

And of course being a Jew and a homosexual he can’t even conceive that any action by him is the cause of his problems, its always the anti-Semite and the homophobes fault If he is disliked, its not that he is rude and obnoxious, if he gets AIDS it because others did not spend enough money for a cure.