Thursday, September 26, 2019

Jewish globalist Bernie Sanders lines up with open borders Obama/Clinton and their overthrow of the Honduran and Libyan governments to stir the globalist pot

Jewish megalomaniac Bernie Sanders lines up with the Globalist agenda on open borders, coups and wars to stir the global pot. He's right in line with Obama/Clinton coup in Honduras and their destruction of Libya, for the same Globalist ends.

His big Jewish ego convinced itself he had Trump by the balls, but the tables have been turned on shyster Nadler.

The fix was in on 9/11. The accusations against bin Laden by half-baked Jew Clark -- who later changed his mind and came out against endless American Mideast wars -- shows the syndicate Dems were in on the inside job, right along with the neoconned Bush/Cheney faction of the GOP.

Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby, by Philip Giraldi
The warped Zionist ideology seemingly has America sewn up, from sick liberal Hollywood to the Holy Roller right. But hold on... not so fast.

The Zionists are being overwhelmed by the People.

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