Thursday, June 04, 2020

Hebrew Racists ‘Celebrate’ After Destroying Rep. Steve King’s Career For Opposing Their Genocidal, Anti-White, Pro-Zionist Agenda

Jews ‘Celebrate’ After Destroying Rep. Steve King’s Career For Opposing Their Anti-White Agenda
Hebrew supremacist hypocrites wanted King destroyed for opposing their Zionist agenda against Whites and the world.

Racist Hebrews dominated the African slave trade, and today they've managed to keep exploiting blacks by hypocritically recasting themselves as "anti-racists" to control the left. But Israel and it's fifth column, which sees to billions in US welfare to the racist Zionist state, shows their true face.

“The Progressive Movement is Based on Hypocrisy…The Left Has Learned Nothing” [Video] "They love teacher’s unions but their kids are all in prep school. That’s a very effective kind of thought because it really shows you the progressive movement is based on hypocrisy. The idea that a small elite will be exempt from the consequences of their own ideology, so did the old Soviet apparatchik." 

The Big Money-Backed Bolshevik Destroyers Have Been Targeting Small Businesses and Supply Chains to Build Their Totalitarian Dystopia
It appears that both the coronavirus clampdown and now the race riots are intended to do as much damage as possible to the small businesses of America and our critical infrastructure, especially the supply chains. This is part of a Bolshevik revolution, which is being organized from the top down, in order to bring Americans to our knees. They do not want people being able to earn an independent living, where they can still speak and act freely. They want everyone forced into slave labor like in China, working with the robots in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where we can be completely controlled. Or they want us standing in food lines, begging the government for food.

Donald Trump Jr urges Barr to release Antifa communications with elites and politicians over riots

For 3 Years, (((MSM))) Promoted Antifa and its Works. It was promoting domestic terror the entire time.

Trying to dodge being charged with aiding terrorism, Twitter scapegoats "white supremacists" for (((Antifa's))) terrorist calls for violence

THE NUMBERS DON’T SUPPORT (((Soros front))) BLM CLAIMS ABOUT THE POLICE. But Talmudists have no problem with lying to and about Christians and Whites 

There are few instances in which unarmed blacks are killed by white police officers. To the extent that, in these instances, the police officer acted wrongfully, the officer must be held fully accountable. However, the low number of instances compared to the frequency of encounters undercuts any claim of a systemic policing problem in this regard.

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