Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Senator Tom Cotton is a dangerous Zionist. So are the pro-Israel, Hebrew fascist donors in the Never Trump, neocon cult that backs him.

Sen. Tom Cotton is dangerous — and a favorite of rightwing pro-Israel donors
The author, Philip Weiss, writes:
The 43-year-old Cotton is actually what Donald Trump in private moments probably would like to be... Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel raised nearly $1 million in the closing days of Cotton’s 2014 campaign, and he got other significant donations from other big pro-Israel donors, including hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, and the gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson.
CM Comments: But Hebrew fascist opportunist Adelson only came around to Trump when he got the Republican nomination, Hebrew fascist opportunist Singer only came around after Trump won the presidency, and Hebrew fascist Bill Kristol and much of his neocon cult -- like the ZOG Dems -- have always been Never Trumpers. So Trump is a actually a moderate compared to Zionist stooge Cotton and the Hebrew fascists who back him, because Trump knows what a Nest of Vipers he's dealing with and keeps them somewhat at arm's length, whereas Cotton is just another a viper in the nest.

More Hebrew Hollywood/Democrat theater involving costumes and platitudes blows up in their faces: "Don't Treat Africans Like Kids" - Black Twitter Erupts At Democrats' Anti-Police Bill Stunt.

Racist Hebrew Natalie Portman confesses "white privilege." Next, she'll demand whites pay reparations to Israel. Typical Zionist operative, moral fraud, hypocrite and thief.

Clint Eastwood's ex-wife is a rich, spoiled, Hollywood Hebrew princess who pretends to have sympathy with blacks to gain moral authority for her "chosen race" Syndicate and fifth column
Jews like Fisher don’t see themselves as white. They see themselves as oppressed “people of color,” and therefore a natural fit as “leader” of their fellow POCs. The problem is, actual people of color see them as not just white, but worse than white. They’re seen as whites who are smarter, richer, and more devious than “regular” whites. They’re the whites who exploit whites, which, to the average black guy, makes them more dangerous, and their motives more worthy of suspicion.

(Conservative) Washington Times' backhanded admission that Zionism and its wars are a mistake: "Militarizing police was a mistake"

US anti-Semitism czar admits he's a Zionist stooge by saying he will go along with any Hebrew fascist expansion agenda the Israeli government decides upon

The author, Andrew Joyce, (sarcastically) writes:
Although stubborn in the past, we must confess now that we have blocked their progress at every turn, and we did this for the selfish reason that we always wanted a large, welfare-dependent class into which to dump our vast unwanted excess tax revenue.
CM Comments: Actually, a vast, centralized welfare state -- along with a vast warfare state -- is exactly what the Zionist intellectuals want, because they really don't care about the health, welfare and well-being of the nation (unless it's the racist Hebrew nation), all they really care about is full spectrum dominance and totalitarian control that comes with Global Reserve Currency. The U.S. dollar is merely a means to that end.

While Blackie is certainly never going to pose much of a threat to that agenda, the former Constitutional, conservative, Christian, Whitey was. And so the Zionists sent the neocons to turn conservative, Christian Whitey into just another stooge for ZOG bankers and ZOG wars.

Apparently Protestant Whitey is just as dumb and greedy and low character as Blackie, when it comes to taking money from the Hebrew Syndicate, which is controlled by Hebrew fascism. But that's what Zionism predicts -- all non "chosen" are goy animals, and all will bow before the Zionist chosen, with Jerusalem as their global capital. Derp, derp... the Bible done says so!

Should have stuck with the "anti-Semitic" Christendom of Western Civilization, Whitey. But you let your greed and egoism get the best of you.

What do I mean by this? First, I’m not attacking Protestants. Protestantism’s founder, Martin Luther, was a wise “anti-Semite.” I’m attacking fake-Protestant, Judeophiles… the kind that have sold their souls for 30 pieces of Federal Reserve silver; the kind who took America into endless Mideast wars for Israel and the petrodollar.

Secondly, I’m not defending (fake) Catholics, who issued a Pontifical directive: “the Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews.” Catholic Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden tells everyone all they need to know about that ilk. So does Nancy Pelosi.

I'm talking about the (fake) Protestants and (fake) Catholics whose neocon wing perped 9/11 with Zionist Jews and pretended to believe the “Muslims did it!” narrative, while their liberal wing continues pretends to believe the Zionist narrative on the Holocaust.

What character! What nobility! What courage! Why, Judas himself would give them the highest possible marks, and might even throw them a bit of his loot! Just make sure the deal is done in the back room and out of sight. You wouldn’t want people to get the wrong impression.

The author, Israel Shamir, writes:
The Christians have better answers. We do not have to repent for somebody else’s sins. We do not have to repent for slavery or for the killing of Floyd because we didn’t enslave and we didn’t kill this guy. The very idea of collective guilt is foreign to Christians. It is a Jewish idea, though the Jews aren’t silly enough to accept any collective guilt. They like to ascribe collective guilt to goyim, making even Americans guilty of holocaust, but never to themselves. If you mention the prominent part Jews played in the slave trade, you’ll be called an antisemite, expunged from polite society and asked: “Did ALL Jews trade in black slaves? Surely not!”
CM Comments: The Jews would argue they've been collectively punished by the entirety of Christendom/Western Civilization for killing Christ. But, like Hebrew revisionism vis-a-vis the slave trade -- which Memory Holes Jewish guilt and transfers it to all Whites -- the "Persecuted for 2,000 years of Christendom" is more Jewish dogma and another Zionist Big Lie.

Christendom -- as a modus vivendi -- has indeed shown little tolerance for Jews... for the very reason that their Syndicate is comprised of pathological liars, fabulists, grifters, and conflict profiteers who brainwash their adherents into believing their stories of "persecution" to bring them into the fold as bitter, ax-grinding, vengeance-seeking "victims"... which serves the financial interests of Top Jews and larger Zionism.

Nearly all of the major conflicts and wars that the U.S. has experienced since 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve to serve the ancient Moneychanger Syndicate can be traced back to Top Jews and their left-right Judeophile/Zionist partners in crime. This reality is exactly why Christendom was always "anti-Semitic," and should be so again.

Indeed, it's why Judaism's founder Moses was "anti-Semitic" toward the Hebrew nihilists, hedonists, and Golden Calf worshipers to the point of wholesale slaughter, which is why the bitter, ax-grinding Hebrew psychopaths hate him and the Ten Commandments to this very day, just as they hate his spiritual heir, Jesus of Nazareth.

And Jesus, too, became "anti-Semitic" over the course of the New Testament when the true murderous character and religious artifice of the Top Jew Moneychangers and their Hebrew rabble backers became evident.

So these "Jews" are phonies, frauds and reprobates in every way, shape and form, for some 3,000 years. Such toxic, tenacious and enduring fraud and treachery can only be inspired by supernatural evil, or in a more secular explanation, forged by 3,000 years of clinging to their primeval notions of superiority and entitlement, and the egoistic will to impose it on the world, or die trying.

Moses shows that they will die trying.

The author, Philip Giraldi, writes:
Rosenberg puts it this way “…there’s something Hollywood can do to put its money where its social media posts are: immediately halt production on cop shows and movies and rethink the stories it tells about policing in America.
CM Comments: I wonder if Alyssa Rosenberg would recommend her Syndicate cousins in Hollywood portray their fascist cousins in the IDF and Israeli police in a less flattering light as well. Somehow I doubt it. Got to keep up the entitled "chosen" illusion, which is crucial to propping up both Israel and her Syndicate propagandist pay check.

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