Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Syndicate has Biden right where it wants him: groveling at the feet of Judeofascist Netanyahu. And its left-wing keeps its mouth shut, instead raging at "racist white America." Cowards. Tools. Criminals.

The arms race between Dems and GOP for pro-Israel donors
"The last couple of weeks has seen a very traditional American political ritual: Joe Biden telling the Jewish community how much he loves Israel and can work with Netanyahu. The former VP did so himself in a call-in fundraiser with Jews who advocate for Israel. His aide Tony Blinken did so with a Democratic group that has links to the Israel lobby organization AIPAC. The purpose of this ritual is clear: Biden needs money to mount a strong challenge to Trump, and the organized Jewish community is regarded as a, very pro-Israel, and b, the largest repository of money in the Democratic Party, the source of half or more of large donations."

After Supporting Black Rioters, Jews In L.A. Cheer As ‘Racist’ Police Arrive To Protect Their Neighborhoods.
Schizophrenic, Hebrew-Khazarian-Zionists.

Riots Erase Distinction Between Liberalism and Leftism
Who is more insane: the far-left or the neocon/neoliberal Globalists? At this point, it doesn't matter. They're all one crazed, Anarchist/Golden Calf mob.

Soros Op? Mysterious Piles of Bricks Appear in Key Areas During Riots - Reconquista Europa. "All of it demonstrates that most of the mainstream media, the big corporations, Antifa, the Democratic Party, parts of the Republican Party, are all on the same anti-white Jewish side and this is a coup d’etat to bring down Trump who they view as an obstacle to full-blown white racial genocide in America."

Black gang leader wants to make common cause with the Zionist Syndicate to shakedown and plunder White America, begs them to stop passing themselves off as Whites.

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