Saturday, June 06, 2020

Was (((Marx's))) greedy, aristocrat WASP benefactor and writing partner Freidrich Engels the real brains behind Marxism?

Was Freiderich Engels Jewish?
There was simply no need for most anti-jewish anti-communist writers to claim (contrary to general academic and popular opinion) that Friedrich Engels was jewish, and this was no doubt helped by the common perception, fostered by Engels himself, (1) that Marx was the more important of the two, when in fact it is well-known among students of Marxism that Engels is by far the more important. (2) This belief that Marx was the key player, not Engels, led to Engels being largely assigned the rule of a typical idiotic dupe (aka Marx’s money box) of the parasitic jew Marx.

CM Comments: Psychotically greedy, imperious WASPs like Engels have a long history of partnering with psychotically greedy Hebrews. For example, the greedy and soft-headed, neocon-infiltrated Reagan-Bush-Cheney-Bush Republicans epitomize the arrogant WASPs who got into bed with the Hebrew Syndicate (or I should say, continued the partnership), only to be thrown under the bus when their criminal 9/11 inside job and Iraq war scheme (for the petrodollar and Israel) went awry. The Syndicate then returned to their traditional big government Democrat partners with Obama and Hillary to continue the war agenda, now against Libya and Syria. The Talmudist sociopaths don't care -- it's all done on the American taxpayers dime with American blood. There is no honor in a Den of Thieves or a Nest of Vipers.

"Mikhail Bakunin and the Jews"
Failed anarchist Mikhail Bakunin on ZOG: "The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation - which speculates upon the labor of people - will always find the means for its existence."

Hebrew-hybrid Boris Johnson's plan to transplant almost half of Hong Kong's population to Britain at the height of the Coronavirus unemployment crisis proves the criminal insanity of Zionist Globalism

Posing as a White man to exploit blacks, Hebrew racist Tim Wise tells CNN and that "our White children don't deserve innocence" until blacks vote for his big government Syndicate
CM comments: The Syndicate is going all-out to keep ignorant blacks on the big central government, welfare state reservation, and voting for their corrupt-left oppressors in order to "assert their civil rights." Yeah, right... got to keep feeding that Zionist-Moloch war machine if you want to assert your civil rights, Blackie. That would be the same Zionist juggernaut that's now turned its guns inward on the American people, blacks included.

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