Thursday, July 09, 2020

Fake-Jew, Zionist extortionist arrested for abuse of underage girls. But will her Zionist fifth column bury the case?

Fake-Jew, Zionist extortionist arrested for abuse of underage girls with Jeffrey Epstein. But will her Zionist fifth column bury the case?

Ex-Reddit CEO Ellen Pao knew about (((Ghislaine Maxwell))) "supplying underage girls for sex," but kept quiet because the "cool people" of Silicon Valley (((Kleiner Perkins))) approved of what she was doing. (Are Zionists extorting Silicon Valley? It would explain its pseudo-liberal politics.)

Shocking Internal Docs Leaked from Jewish-Run Paypal Reveal Aggressive Anti-White, Pro-Israeli Political Agenda

Having destroyed Christendom, the Zionists turn their evil eye on the White remnant in America

"No one disputes the Democrats right to challenge, criticize or vigorously oppose a bill or policy promoted by the president. What we take issue with is the devious and (possibly) illegal way the Democrats have joined powerful elements in the Intelligence Community and the major media to conduct a ruthless “dirty tricks” campaign that involved spying on members of the administration in order to establish the basis for impeachment proceedings. This is not the behavior of a respected political organization but the illicit conduct of a fifth column acting on behalf of a foreign (or corporate?) enemy. It’s worth noting that an insurrection against the nation’s lawful authority is sedition, a felony that is punishable by imprisonment or death.

Not White, not Jewish -- but the Hebrew-Khazarian organized criminals pose as each to advance their Zionist agenda

The White man is beginning to understand what the Zionists have planned for the Euoropean race. (The Hebrew fascist promotes that the human race does not exist, only the Hebrew race. The "Jewish" war on Whites is only the beginning.)

The Zionists in MSM and the political class spin Antifa as all-American and promoting family values. In reality they're Marxist and Zionists terrorists.

Led by Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the New York Times, the kosher club is lying about Russia again

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