Saturday, August 22, 2020

Biden is most pro-Israel nominee ever (and he will ‘defeat’ ‘hypercritical’ voices in the party)

Biden is most pro-Israel nominee ever (and he will ‘defeat’ ‘hypercritical’ voices in the party)

Marxist-Zionist Dems make everything about race (because that's the nature of the Judeofascists who control the party)

The perpetually offended, poisonous left-wing world of safe spaces and real or imagined “cultural appropriation” (all by Jewish design, to keep brainwashed, low-rung Jews and useful idiot Golem agitated and polarized from the majority in their host nations)

The Democrats have built their entire political party based upon ((Freudian)) transference of their own sins onto the American people

Jews project their own racist essence onto Europeans who oppose them: It’s a historical fact that the Jews — Leon Trotsky in particular — who was indeed the first to bring the accusation of ‘racism’ into European political discourse. And it was his fellow travelers — communists, socialists, and anarchists — who accused anyone who opposed them as ‘racists’ because they all just so happened to be of the same "race" — Jews.

Republican platform panders to Jews and Zionists who bought off GOP

((Kushner)): US Won’t Allow Israeli Annexation ‘For Some Time’... (but eventually)

ZOG is economically failing because of inherent divisiveness of Jews: The United States, Israel and UAE present a divisive bloc removed from any real notion of an efficient global hegemon... no corrupt power favoring warfare and division can rule forever when its currency is severely devalued and global trade is impacted.

Why The Corrupt And Authoritarian Gulf Arab Oil States Are Tailor-Made Allies For Israel (and Marxist-Zionist hegemony)

Peace process between Israel and corrupt, oil-rich Arab regimes loyal to the ZOG in the US allows them to end the pretense that they are enemies of Israel. It means that they can stop feigning support for the Palestinian struggle for existence.

Jews brag they forced Urban Dictionary to toe the Zionist line by "going after their advertisers"

Can authentic Christianity return to its anti-Zionist history?

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