Thursday, November 05, 2020

'Foreign Affairs' Jew shifts blame for American decline, from Zionists and their endless wars, onto Trump

In the current issue of Foreign Affairs, the elite journal for US establishment debate, an article by Eliot A. Cohen titled ‘The end of American power’, argues that “Trump’s re-election would usher in permanent decline.” Cohen claims that if the Republican president is re-elected, his “erratic approach to leadership and disdain for allies,” would “permanently tarnish the United States’ reputation for stability” and “return to a world that has no law other than that of the jungle – a world akin to the chaotic 1920s and 1930s but worse than that, because there would be no United States out there on the periphery ready to be awakened and ride to the rescue.”

Labour is better regarded as a criminal conspiracy than as a political party. Under pro-war, pro-plutocracy Blair, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Jews. Under anti-war, anti-plutocracy Corbyn, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Muslims, Blacks and other alien invaders.

This dislike of Jews and Jewish power particularly applies to the Jews’ would-be Thought Police, the “Anti-Defamation League,” or ADL. Thanks in part to ADL and other Jewish propaganda, one usually thinks of opponents of Jewish power as being a collection of “extreme” right-wingers and supposed “White supremacists.” But the left, especially the non-White left, is increasingly doubtful about their professed “great ally,” the ADL.

Anti-Zionist "Jewish Currents" accidentally proves that very few Jews are anti-Zionist
In other words, despite so often posing as egalitarian neocons, liberals or leftists, most Jews -- wherever they live -- are racist Israel-firsters or support the concept of Jewish supremacism. They think they should govern the world, with Israel as their Jewish "safe space" headquarters.--CM

ZOG Germany: While rejecting nationalism for its own citizens, Germany targets anti-Zionists, even Jewish ones

Muslims in France have issues with fake "secular" dogma of Jewish-occupied West, including Holocaust blasphemy laws, unlimited ZOG financing of Israel and wars for Israel, and the institutional protection of the queer agenda used to corrupt everyone
"Macron defends the freedom of expression that he considers the basis of the values ​​of the French secular Republic, but it is a pity that it seems that freedom of expression is evaluated through double standards, considering what happens if you criticize the policies of Israel, if you question some aspects of the Holocaust or if one criticizes gender theory or homosexualist initiatives. Even the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, emphasized this in his message to young French people a few days ago, because it is important that the paths of dialogue remain open and that we realize the double standards that apply in the West. Therefore, there is no true freedom of expression and Macron's is clearly a provocation, also because it is truly a strange "coincidence" that all this is happening at the time when Muslims celebrate the anniversary of the Prophet's birth. Then we remember that Charlie Hebdo also published blasphemous cartoons against Christianity, so Muslims and Christians should be united in condemning this false right to blasphemy."

Bitchute is going the way of jewtube towards brutal censorship of pro-white voices.

Perhaps the jewish supremacists need to take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that they are kvetching about “problems” they created through their own subversive and criminal behaviors, and that they only real way to curb “anti-semitism” is to stop acting like jewish supremacists, but do not hold your breath on this ever happening.

That would certainly explain his Israel-first treason in the USS Liberty incident.--CM

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