Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Penguin goes free to waddle back to Israel: Trump Justice Department to Lift Pollard Parole, End Case of Most Damaging Spy Operation in U.S. History

How compromised by Zionists is fake America First, right-wing America?

“Biden’s America” Will Continue Pressure on Iran, for Zionists
For the policy to be executed within the current political environment in the United States, it required one administration operating under liberal left cover and another under a more hardline right-leaning cover.

Corrupt liberal intelligentsia ((Ivanka, Engle and Halbfinger)) all punch Palestinians on their way out the door, knowing that other Biden bigots will take up where they left off

Swearing like a sailor, outraged ((Glenn Greenwald)) dishes from the inside on corrupted journalism and his sellout ex-rag, the Intercept

Chabad Rebbe warns the Jews that their attempts to disguise themselves as white are failing and that White people have become wise to the act... the more Jews try to operate undetected amongst whites, the more Jews agitate whites... the nature and soul of the Jew is detectable to whites long before the Jew thinks he’s displayed it.

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