Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Meet ((Mike Podhorzer)), The Jewish Architect of the Electoral Mega-Conspiracy That Zionist Trump Rolled Over For

Biden Jews ((Kagan, Nuland)) pick up where ((Kissinger)) and Brzezinski left off: total delusion and incompetence born of "chosen" narcissism

The Philos Project is the latest Jewish-backed ((Christian Zionist)) organization seeking to drive a wedge between Muslim and Christian Arabs

Crocodile tears from Zionists: After the damage is done, ‘NY Times’ finally investigates ((Dan Gertler)), Israeli businessman who drained 100s of millions from DR Congo. 

Abandoning "global warming" scam, schizo shell-gamer ((Schumer)) blames Texas-freeze troubles on "ignoring climate change"

The creator of "AntiRacist Hitler" visits No More News and discusses flipping genocidal Zionist hasbara back on the perpetrators

Insane Jews of Federation of Synagogues have warned that several leading brands of oven are unsuitable for Sabbath use because of a new safety feature that turns oven off when door is open

Just one of the “Holocausts” that the Jews invent from time to time to show how God’s Own are persecuted by the lower races

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