Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Racist Zionists cry crocodile tears over George Floyd

Racist Zionists cry crocodile tears over George Floyd

"NBC Deceptively Edits 911 Call & Video From Fatal Police Shooting Involving Knife-Wielding Teen Girl" (Durden).  The (((media))) is now completely out of control with the lying.

The liberal elite and ((neocons)) have tricked their ignorant left-wing constituency into hating the greatest human rights documents ever written

Judeofascists have racialized America

Rep. Ro Kahana epitomizes the opportunistic POC politician and backs Zionist Judeofascism because the money is good

Marxists and Darwinists were fully on board the Jewish project to exterminate 66 million Russians under Communism. They're fully on board Jewish genocide of humanity today.

Jews are prone to falsify science if they think that is advantageous for their [Zionist] ethnic interests.

Jewish scheme to takeover European style football is a microcosm of their designs on the world

BOOST your career by counting the white power brokers running Hollywood. RUIN your career by counting the Jewish power brokers running Hollywood.

PREZ AND PERVERT: ((Ghislaine Maxwell)), ((Jeffrey Epstein)) and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images

Judeofascists are behind agenda to pack the US Supreme Court

Jewish MSM echo chamber fabricated "Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops" story and repeated that propaganda to the world ad nauseum

"Progressives" take baby steps against Biden/((Blinkin's)) expansive Zionist definition of anti-Semitism designed to shield systemic Jewish racism from criticism

Jews and white liberals leverage the POC masses against the last of the whites in racist money grab

The USA has a serious problem with ‘Zionist Red Mafiya Cyber-Industrial Espionage’

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