Saturday, February 26, 2022

ZOG 'Merica, The Land Where History Died

ZOG 'Merica, The Land Where History Died

Lavrov says ZOG-US agitation in Ukraine designed to damage Syria peace efforts

Zoglodyte Democratic Reps tweet about Ukraine — from Israel, on AIPAC junket

For two-faced Dems, all liberal political values go out the window when Israel comes to the door

Zionist network at work: CNN's ((Stelter)) covered up ((Zucker)) affair for years

Ex-((Soros)) operative confesses "reforms" he championed have ruined America's big cities; now hopes to profit from book decrying drugs, filth, crime, decay

Corporate raider and epic hypocrite ((Karl Icahn)) is publicly pressuring McDonald's to be more kosher in its treatment of pigs. Yet his own pork company is anything but.

Rittenhouse to sue ((MSM)) figures and celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg for calling him a killer and a White supremacist

NYC ((Jewess))  learns the hard way that scamming taxpayers with ZOG "liberalism" has painful consequences as she's hammered and robbed by Welfare/Warfare state comrade

Latest Chris Moore comments on Judeofascism at Unz Review

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