Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Attempting to maintain control of the public Narrative, ((Jews)) declare war on Musk for Twitter bid

Raging poor loser ((Mark Levin)): ‘I Am Sick and Tired!’ of the Putin-wings of the Media, Republican Party and Democratic Party

Zionist Rich Lowrey rebukes "neo-isolationists," wants to follow up Iraq debacle with Ukraine debacle

State Dept. Fifth Columnist ((Blinken)) ‘Not Optimistic’ at Finalizing Iran Nuclear Deal

Vax makes people more likely to support NATO war with Russia

Covid "treatment" industry follows the ZOG hierarchy principles of top down corruption

Who Brought the Slaves to America? ((Jews))

Hysterical ((Jews)) don't like truth in Amnesty report on Israel's systemic ((Jewish)) supremacism

Strange ZOG freaks haunting Brother Nathanael

Nightmare Alley: The True Tragedy Of ((Jew)) Geeks Is That They Were Created Deliberately Over Centuries By Rabbis Using Stigma, Exclusion, and Nonconformity

American freak show slouching towards birthing the ((Jew)) world order?

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