Saturday, May 28, 2022

Why Is ((Klaus Schwab)) a Comic Book Supervillain?

Why Is ((Klaus Schwab)) a Comic Book Supervillain?

((Klaus Schwab)) is ((Jewish)), not "German"

((Klaus Schwab)): Yes, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is about Elites Advancing a Conspiracy

Watch: ((Klaus Schwab)) Cosies Up With Head Of Pfizer ((Albert Bourla)) As They Condemn ‘Conspiracy People’ And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

Bombshell: CNN Finally Admits MRNA Jabs Destroy Immunity

Pressure builds on Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden to investigate Israel over Abu Akleh killing

Biden Administration’s Ministry Of Truth Stumbles As ZOG Thought Leader ((Nina Jankowicz)) Resigns

Jewish Woman Arrested For Antisemitic Graffiti In Brooklyn Really Did Despise Fake-((Jews)): ‘Maybe Antisemites Have A Point’

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